My reflections on 2022

How quickly time flew by this year.

For most of this year, the world was caught up in the Covid frenzy, where many people felt forced to take the jab, to preserve their livelihood, residency in a country, freedom of movement and travel. With the stakes up high, we recognize that it was never an easy decision. After the first jab, it developed into a narrative of never-ending boosters that were deemed necessary.

In the middle of this year, as the majority became vaccinated, many countries took turns to open up their country’s borders, as well as to gradually relax the Covid related restrictions. With that, the number of Covid infections spiked in many countries. Eventually, the majority of people (whether vaccinated or not) were infected with Covid and developed their natural immunity.

To-date, despite the “official numbers” published in many countries, it remains a mystery on the actual number of direct (and indirect) Covid related complications and deaths, be it due to infection (or re-infection), vaccination (or boosters), or both. We expect more light to be shed on these issues in the coming months, or even years, ahead. The truth will be uncovered and upheld, slowly but surely.

This year, my experiences unfolded amidst the Covid related drama. I still remembered, at its peak, I struggled with the external pressures everywhere, to “opt” for vaccination. Be it at home (from family members who firmly subscribed to the benefits of vaccination), to the workplace (from bosses who “strongly encouraged” compliance, or potentially be blacklisted, penalized or even dismissed), to the puzzling advice by the medical specialist who took charge of my health for over a decade.

These are my little nuggets of self-realization along the way.

(1) “I AM DONE”

For most of my life, I have always tried my best to comply, obey and conform to all orders, instructions, laws, rules and even social norms. People hardly know me for who I am, or the views I hold, for I often silently keep them all close to my chest. Even so, I am best described by my dad as being “eccentric”. I don’t particularly enjoy standing up for myself, for it often reminds me of my primary school days of standing out for all the wrong reasons. If I could, I would rather stay in the shadows all my life.

This year, amidst the external pressures everywhere, I was forced to take a stand for myself. Gone are the days when I could simply delegate that responsibility to a third party, be it my parents, bosses, friends, colleagues, or doctor. At the heart of the issue, I realized that very few know what’s going on, and care for my health and well-being, better than I do. With the mixed messages everywhere, there was a consistent strand of truth that I repeatedly received from my team of Akashic Masters & Guides – “no”. No matter how I rephrased my question, and explored the issue from different angles, their answer to me remained the same. I must admit, back then, how I wished I made a mistake.

Later on, I realised that my hesitation stemmed from my fear of being the odd one out, coupled with my desire to be loved and accepted by others. Deep down, I knew well that if I deviate from the norm, I would be ostracized. And I didn’t like that.

I started reflecting on what is my purpose on earth? No, I am not referring to what my Akashic Masters think my purpose on earth should be. Rather, I want to know, what do I truly want to do in this lifetime? At least to me, once I am absolutely clear about my purpose for myself, the decisions follow. It got me thinking about why I do my work as an Akashic Records Reader, Blogger & Podcaster? What does my work in the Akashic Records truly mean for me? Is it of primary or secondary importance? How is it ranked, compared to my other priorities such as my family and work as a legal counsel?

As the external pressures intensified, and my priorities became clearer to me, I realized that “no, I am done”. I am done with complying, obeying and conforming to the needs & wishes of others who don’t matter, or who don’t really know what’s going on. I am done with the emotional blackmail at work. I am done with delegating the ownership of my health to my doctor, who doesn’t know my health better than I do. I am done with being the timid version of myself who was too afraid of: being the odd one out; taking risks; standing up for, and protecting, myself. After a long-drawn emotional and mental rollercoaster ride, I declare that I am finally and absolutely done with all these.

(2) “I AM FREE”

For most of my life, I didn’t realise how much I have repressed myself. Since young, I cultivated a harsh inner critic in my mind, who would quickly criticize and berate myself for all things gone wrong. How did I assess if something was “right” or “wrong”? It was fully dependent on others’ perspectives. In a way, since young, I stifled myself in a bid to conform to others’ perspectives. I didn’t know how it felt like to just be myself: be with my own thoughts, emotions & feelings, without feeling compelled to drastically change and re-package myself into someone I was not.

With my harsh inner critic and inferiority complex, I was an easy target to dominant characters looking for a subject to control and manipulate. Throughout my life, I seemingly attract dominant persons into my life, including my dad, classmates, and ex-bosses, who would be all ready to teach me that I am not good enough, I am not ready, I should only do things their way.

For many years, I took on others’ perspectives, as if they were mine and part of a greater truth.

As I embarked on this spiritual journey and slowly rediscovering myself each day, my veils started coming off. I started seeing every person I meet in context, be it his/her lower personality, past and present experiences that shaped their personality, including their thoughts, speech and actions. I recognize that people (including ourselves) may not be fully conscious, aware and present, almost like living life on autopilot and injuring or hurting others as a result. We are after all, a work in-progress.

As the external pressures intensified amidst the Covid related drama, a few dominant persons attempted to teach me what I need to do to conform and warned me of the adverse risks and implications of non-compliance. At all times, their focus was on obedience to the higher authority, nothing on prioritizing my own health & well-being. The turning point came when an ex-boss used the guise of a performance appraisal session with me, to launch a tirade against my decision to say “no”. I soon realized that perhaps, I had done what I could there, and it was time for me to leave.

Soon after, I started making my exit plans. Not just to jump onto any option available in the market. But to use this opportunity to re-think: what do I truly want to do in my other career as a legal counsel? I realized that I wanted to pick up new challenges, learn and grow in my job. I didn’t like the idea of stagnating in my career by staying within my self-perceived comfort zone in a public agency.

As I asked my Akashic Masters for help, the representatives from legal service providers started contacting me, and arranging for calls to share more about what their company offers.

This year has been a life-changing and memorable experience for me, as I took back my powers to embark on a career shift. I was fully ready to take action, not just to endlessly complain about the unfairness and unhappiness that I held towards the ex-workplace’s people and system. Coincidentally (or not), I had a colleague cum friend who would complain to me daily (and intensively) about the difficult and unfair predicament that she was in, worsened by her belief that she was stuck and had no way out. I had to thank her for allowing me to see what I didn’t want for myself.

It took me 10 months to implement my career shift. Along the way, I realized that I needed to purchase my own property, and secure my mortgage loan, prior to my career shift. Hence, I had to put my plans for a career shift on hold, as I sorted out the property issue and made the relevant decisions.

Finally, I am happy to announce that everything has been completed. It is officially my second month at the first MNC that I am seconded to.

As someone who has been risk averse all my life, it has taken me such a great leap of faith to step out of my comfort zone: stop complaining, start taking guided actions. At all times, I am fully in-charge of my decision-making; it is not delegated to my Akashic Masters to decide everything on my behalf. I remain responsible for all mistakes and obstacles along the way, and I will overcome them all with a resilient and an open heart and mind.

For this is my life, and I live it the way I desire.

I am Free. You are Free. We are Free. We are unstoppable.

With Love & Blessings,

Asha & Akashic Masters

This month’s meditation spotlight

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