Case Study 19 – Unlocking the Abundance that Your Soul Deserves with Geraldine*

Overview of Session with Geraldine*

Q1What’s the contract between Geraldine and her husband for this lifetime?
Q2How to be more abundant in this lifetime? Specifically, Geraldine feels that she is always chasing for money; it is not enough. She spends money like water for other people, including her family who needs it, though it comes to her easily.
Q3How to be more abundant in this lifetime? Specifically, Geraldine has been afflicted with a lot of health issues. First, she has early menopause, so she couldn’t conceive. Second, she has autoimmune issues, which cause allergies to flare up, joints to become very stiff, water retention etc. Until now, it is not fully recovered. Do Masters have any advice on all these?
Q4Any final words for Geraldine?

Q1: What’s the contract between Geraldine and her husband for this lifetime?

The contract is one of unconditional love & compassion for each other. To strive to reach a level of mutual understanding that transcends beyond conditional giving & taking, towards a deeper bond of unconditional love & compassion for each other. To hold the space for each other, to accept that no one is perfect in their own soul’s journey towards self-mastery. Everyone may make mistakes, errors & judgements. There’s no need to scold or have harsh words or judgements for each other, but really holding the space for each other to learn and grow. This lifetime is very short and precious to be together in this contract of marriage. It is a very sacred vow and union between souls that ought to be cherished. Because after one lifetime passes, not all souls get to repeat the same kind of relationship with each other in successive lifetimes.

Geraldine asked what should she do to improve the relationship? Geraldine agreed to explore her husband’s purpose in her life, and vice versa. Because that will help her to appreciate something deeper in context, to see what’s the issue and how can she improve?

On what is her husband’s purpose in her life, he has to learn to extend that unconditional help, patience and compassion for you. Initially, it can be somewhat an onerous job, because he’s not used, or he’s getting used, to having you around as an intimate part of his life. There is the adaptation phase for couples many years or even decades into the marriage, to really know each other better. His role is to really take the time to learn to extend the unconditional help, patience and compassion for you, to hold space for your own growth, as well as his own growth. He is also trying to appreciate that no one is perfect. To search for perfection is an elusive notion, it is somewhat deceptive. When we see our future partner upon marriage, it somewhat looks like perfection. But then, the perfection is crushed years into the marriage. Then we realise, after all, we are humans, we make mistakes, we sometimes yell at each other, cannot hold space for each other, exchange sarcastic remarks. It is part of a human experience.

As for the deeper learning of patience, compassion, unconditional love & help for each other, it is what a lot of souls have to learn and recognize from their counterpart. The whole idea is oneness. As we pore through and try to work out the differences with each other, it feels so elusive, like you are you, I am me, we are separate beings. But the more we try to work out the differences with each other, the more we recognize that we are all vulnerable. We are all humans, we have the same blood, we share the same soul, and ultimately, we all want to return to Source. To go through the differences, then come to the state of oneness. That’s what a lot of souls go through and sign up for.

As for Geraldine’s purpose in his life, while she gives in to his needs, listen to each other, it is not to the extent of overextending herself or selling her own soul. So, she’s trying to somewhat assist him in his soul’s journey, while maintaining her healthy boundaries for her self-discovery and enrichment. How can she assist? Just by her presence, by being there for him, by helping one another out through difficult times, by being there for each other through hardships or ordeals. Even when there are judgements towards, or confrontations with, each other, it is all pushed aside. Ultimately, the love is being prioritized between the couple, which transcends all the bickering. The love that both of you have as a soul transcends all these. In all, she is trying to find a balance to commit to the relationship in a healthy way, but not overextending herself.

Both souls are trying to work with one another, to learn and grow together. The contract of marriage is a sacred union between souls that ought to be cherished. In difficult times, it is a reminder that the souls truly love one another to the extent that they vow to come together & sign up to be husband and wife in this lifetime. So, remember to see him as this greater soul that signed up for this with you.

Both of you are like mirrors to each other, sometimes reflecting to each other the inadequacies or issues to work on. So, that’s why sometimes we feel annoyed with each other. It is not because that person is innately evil, ill disciplined, foul mouthed or argumentative by nature. But maybe there is something unresolved within us. That’s why we feel triggered. So, rather than to cast the blame automatically on others, take a few steps back, retreat into our own space, and reflect what is it that this person’s behavior is triggering within us right now? At every stage, the learning may be different. Sometimes, the issue of forgiveness may come up because of what happened in our childhood days, the husband’s choice of words might have triggered our memories & inner child wounds, which made us feel very annoyed. Then we feel, why are you like that? But it is history repeating itself, wounds that were not reconciled back then flaring up. So, we can see in this context.

What is Geraldine’s husband reflecting back to her? Masters shared that her husband is trying his best, even though his best is not her level best. He is trying to be less argumentative, more reconciling, give and take. It’s not easy, especially for dominant personalities.

On how to improve the relationship, play a listening ear to him. Listen more, judge less. Listen for his perspectives in say, a conflict or where both parties seem to have diverse opinions. Pause first. Listen to his perspective, listen to the entirety of what he has to say and seen in his context, before we jump in with our opinions. We can say things like, I acknowledge your opinions, what you’re saying is this and that, to try to summarise to understand what he’s trying to say, instead of jumping to conclusion. So, Masters said that when we pause a little, try to remind ourselves: listen more, judge less. It will help us to slowly become a neutral observer with everyone. Ultimately, everyone wants to be heard.

If we don’t maintain our auric fields through meditation, for seemingly toxic people, we may feel very vulnerable when they want to control us or project their thoughts and opinions onto us. So, we have to strengthen our auric fields in meditation. Further, we need to realise that we don’t have to take on other people’s baggage. When we listen, it is purely to listen, it doesn’t mean we have to take on someone’s baggage or find a solution for them. It can ultimately be a case of no solution. But you are essentially providing an outlet for the person to discover the solution to his problem within himself.

Sometimes, we feel that when we play a listening ear to others, we have to take care of them and find solutions for them. And then, we feel very tired or exhausted, because the boundary is crossed, and they project their opinions and energies onto us. We feel very vulnerable, like the more we give in, the more we end up exhausted. That’s when we have to internalize: How much more do I need to do for this person? What does it mean by playing a listening ear? Can we purely listen without offering a solution? Why are we so desirous of jumping in with a solution? Do we even need to take care of others’ baggage on their behalf? Does it make a difference, does it truly benefit them?

In addition, learn to communicate your needs to him. As introverts, we can be shy to expressly or openly share our burdens with others, we feel it’s difficult for us to express our needs to others. We tend to worry or fear if the person will judge us? Or will we be seen as weak? Or is it worth the hassle to go through this process? Should we just put on this brave front and take everything on? But we end up suppressing a lot within us. When we don’t share our needs openly, people take us for granted, because they are unaware that we are suffering. They think like you’re so strong, so level-headed, you can take it. They think that your threshold is sky high, because you never communicate. Then, we end up taking on until we cannot take on anymore, it is maximum limit. Then, we explode like volcano, and the other person feels shocked, like what’s wrong? I thought you were fine previously?

Masters are saying it is important to maintain healthy boundaries for your soul, because your soul thrives in such sacred spaces that you create for yourself, for your daily ritual or practice. It is where you take comfort and solace in. After a busy day, you feel very exhausted & drained, the last you want is to end up in a confrontation with others, which is inevitable if we are in a common space. Because we take on others’ energies unknowingly. For example, if we are in the living room, some of the family members there may have had a bad day, so you end up picking up the vibes as a sensitive soul. And that is very stressful. Because innately, we want to please others, we don’t want to be so negative. So, when we are surrounded with them, it makes us in a very difficult position, we want to please but we can’t please. We are also very exhausted. We want to retreat into our sacred space, to refuel, recharge, just be with ourselves and feel ourselves in that process.

Geraldine shared that it’s very hard for her to connect with her sister in-law and brother in-law, which she felt weird initially because she usually gets along well with people. That’s because every soul has differing needs and expectations. So, for example, if a soul’s needs and aspirations are more of the monetary tangible sense, we may feel tired because we feel like we are talking on different grounds, speaking a different language, or having a different frequency. For example, not all souls appreciate the value of meditation, spending time with yourself, your energy bodies. People may not fully appreciate the work that you’re doing for yourself, even for others.

We are similar, ultimately, we are one, we come from the divine spark of God, but we can transform into different variants depending on what our focus and lessons are. Through all the lifetimes that everyone has been through, every soul will draw different conclusions. Sometimes unfortunately, it can be warped conclusions that they have to figure out in this lifetime. Like some people may feel that the 3D world is everything, we are here to live, make a living, earn a lot of money, and after that, we use the money to buy a house, a car etc. Every conversation is about getting money, promotion etc. Understand that every soul is learning different lessons at different paces. So, we have to give and take, hold space for them, but not to the extent of burning yourself.

You need to find your sacred space to nourish yourself. When you meditate, you also fill your energy bodies with light. When you’re in a good space energetically, that’s when you’re so filled with light that you can communicate with others, without feeling drained. In the end, you may realise that the trade-off is worthwhile, that maybe it is better that you spend half the time in your own space, rather than to spend your entire time mingling with others outside. And that is your way of cherishing your own light. Ultimately, our energy bodies are all light, different light bodies.

Q2: How to be more abundant in this lifetime? Specifically, Geraldine feels that she is always chasing for money; it is not enough. She spends money like water for other people, including her family who needs it, though it comes to her easily.

Masters shared that Geraldine has a very generous personality. When it comes to money, sometimes a little happy go lucky. So, she gives to others very generously. In a past life, she had taken on a vow that it is a sin to receive money for herself, for her own needs. I was shown an image of a lady in brown hair, wearing a white dress with blue lines, and white headgear, somewhat like Mother Teresa’s attire. It feels like the lady was working in a holy temple as a priestess, a very sacred role, because white depicts purity – purity in body, mind and soul, in thoughts, speech and action. So, that whole vow towards purifying her own soul in her thoughts, speech, action, body, mind and soul, and a related vow not to receive money, because it is kind of evil, it is a sin to keep it for herself and not to share it with others. That was what you took on, which formed an energetic imprint in your subconscious mind. That it is a sin or wrongdoing for you to be associated with a lot of money, to spend it lavishly on yourself. If any, it has to be shared with others.

How can we release that vow or the past? So long as you set the intention to do so during meditation, it is released. Your soul is ready because now you have recognized, and have full awareness of, that past life that happened, that vow that you have taken on willingly. At this stage of your life, if you’re willing to let go of the vow, you simply do. You can set the intention that “I release all vows, promises, commitments that I have knowingly or unknowingly taken on in past & present lives. And that includes that vow not to receive money. That it is a sin to be associating me with money. That I must be sharing all my money with everyone else.”.

Everything is a matter of proportion & healthy balance. We are not saying that henceforth, we should not share with anyone else. There can be some for others and majority is for you, because you worked hard to gain the abundance, you want to build it for something and as the caretaker of your money, you know how to grow it for better use for the long term. So, it is not a sin to keep the bulk for yourself because you’re growing it to harvest one day in future. Maybe you might have better use or plans for the money, as opposed to dishing them out to family members who say they need the money but may not appreciate it. They didn’t see it as precious and they don’t really know how to take care & make full use of the money. Because it comes so easily to them, like striking lottery. See it that way, to help you to reframe your perspectives.

During your meditation, you can release that vow. Anytime you feel it came up again, you release that because your intention is very powerful. Also, we learn to appreciate things in context. When family members come to us, we learn to realise that there’s no harm holding on to the money as a caretaker for the longer term. You have the ability to put it to better use to harvest when the time is ripe in the long term. So, why not do it yourself, rather than to delegate or pass it to someone else?

Q3: How to be more abundant in this lifetime? Specifically, Geraldine has been afflicted with a lot of health issues. First, she has early menopause, so she couldn’t conceive. Second, she has autoimmune issues, which cause allergies to flare up, joints to become very stiff, water retention etc. Until now, it is not fully recovered. Do Masters have any advice on all these?

Physical body takes a long time to heal. It’s also very difficult to manifest that healing in reality, because we really have to internalize & practice how to take care of ourselves deeply in all areas of our life. And to really maintain healthy boundaries. There was a long period of time when you were very stretched, tired & exhausted, you gave in to others much more, you depleted yourself energetically, to the extent that your physical body became very susceptible to all kinds of illnesses. You feel that there’s seemingly no end in sight to all kinds of possible new conditions that might appear in the body. That is not because your body is weak by nature. That is because we are very susceptible energetically. Because the root issue is back then, we didn’t know how to take care of ourselves, we kept pouring in ourselves, depleting our energy – at work, at home, with family, friends, colleagues, everywhere. For many years, we exhausted ourselves, didn’t maintain healthy boundaries. Now, we realise that we are important, we place & prioritise ourselves first, we try to maintain healthy boundaries, the healing will not come so fast. It will take a long time. Because for that healing to happen in the physical body, you have to take care of the energy bodies first.

Masters are encouraging, in your case, if you are open, to sign up for Tarra’s Body & Organ Healing course. It is energy healing. There are energetic commands to run. That may be a good start for you.

Sometimes, we go through certain illnesses to derive certain lessons from it. It is part of your soul’s learning & growth to go through this hardship. Not all hardships are just suffering. Some of them might be opportunities. So, your hardship now, you feel like suffering, trying to find a solution but no solution in sight, trying a lot of different modalities or offerings by different people to find a solution. But it can also be an opportunity to equip yourself with some skillsets, so you become independent. You know how to heal yourself energetically, and also heal others in time to come. And open up your pathways & perspectives to this whole new world out there that somehow, you feel drawn to but a bit scared to venture inside – whether you’re good enough, whether it is entirely true or not, we are not 100% sure. But you have a certain level of trust & awareness deep in your consciousness, that’s why you are drawn to the Akashic Records. And you believe deep within you, there may be a solution through a session here.

The purpose is not for you to be dependent on me, I am here to facilitate you in your own path to be independent, to open up your pathways & realise for yourself: I’m a divine sovereign being, I have full powers & worthiness to dabble and practice in these modalities to heal myself and to heal others. In your case, your illness is not suffering, it is an opportunity. So, if you see it in that way, it will really positively light up your life and your pathways.

Masters remind that you are a starseed, you came from the stars. Don’t forget that when the going gets tough. Don’t think that you are just a human being born here to live, suffer and die, which we took on from others. There’s more to it, and what exactly is your soul trying to achieve & benefit yourself and others in this lifetime?

For all these chronic illnesses, your physical vessel is being used as a tool to experience what suffering is all about? And through that, to transcend the suffering, through the eyes of wisdom. Like, what is there for the soul to learn? What are the tools that I can equip myself with? How can I benefit myself & others from my experiences? My precious experiences are like my treasure chest. Because one day a similar soul suffering the same, I can offer invaluable advice from my own experience. So, you can benefit other souls experiencing similar difficulties in their soul’s journey. So, it’s very precious – all these illnesses, setbacks, challenges & suffering that you’ve been through & even going through now.

Q4: Any final words for Geraldine?

Keep practicing what you’re already doing. Keep an open heart & mind to what awaits you in the future. Because the future is not cast in stone. You have everything it takes to create your present reality, and from there, the future will lead its way by itself.

What we focused on for the healing segment?

We focused the healing on: (1) clearing the vow, and (2) illnesses like autoimmune, menopause etc.

We went through a guided meditation, where we:

  • Called upon Geraldine’s Akashic Masters, Guides, Archangels, Angels, and all Pure Light Beings to surround her in a circle of oneness & light.
  • Connected to the gold light of the Akasha, allowing it to flow into her entire space, and to balance her main chakras, releasing all density, programming & cords that no longer serve us, be it from past or present lives or taken on from others.
  • Released all vows, promises & commitments taken on in past or present lives not aligned to her highest good to keep, including the vow not to receive money, that it is a sin to be holding on to money & lavishing it on ourselves.
  • Ran the Akashic Light Clearings & Activations.
  • Invited Geraldine’s Masters & Guides to shower blessings to her.

Akashic Light Clearings & Activations:

Immune System, Reproductive System, Hormones in Balance, Nervous System, Meridian Flush, Endocrine System, Menopause, Fear, Worry No More, Believe in Miracles, Nothing is Impossible, I am Worthy.

We hope that you enjoy this sharing and find it useful! 🧡

With Love & Blessings,

Asha & Akashic Masters

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