New Beginnings Meditation



Welcome to the New Beginnings Meditation (30:16). In this meditation, we invited your team of Akashic Masters & Guides, and Lord Buddha to join you in meditation. Lord Buddha sent waves of gold Light into your physical body, energy bodies & auric fields, releasing all density lodged within. Lord Buddha also merged with each of us and swept counter clockwise, clearing the karma that we may have taken on from the ancestral/family line, which is related to fears, resistance & programming of a self-limiting nature. Another karmic clearing relates to fears that we may have taken on for others or from others, known or unknown to us. Lord Buddha invited us to sit in meditation with him, to experience the peace, love & light with him, as well as the energies of oneness with him. Gentle waves of white light were sent into your entire being, to receive the peace, stillness & healing. Finally, your team of Akashic Masters & Guides sent blessings to your future path ahead and to your entire being.

This meditation is useful for anyone who is ready to embark on new beginnings, new pathways in life, assisting them to clear out dense, stuck energies lodged within.

Credits to music used: Relaxing Music – Inner Guideness by Sefy Tofan

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