Jan 2023 Newsletter

Happy New Year!

1) Peace & Blessings for the New Year Meditation

We have recorded a free meditation for everyone, titled “Peace & Blessings for the New Year Meditation”, in preparation for the new year’s energies. I have uploaded it in my Podcast (Spotify link below). We hope that you enjoy it! 🙏🏻

In this meditation, we called upon your Masters of Light, Akashic Masters, Spirit Guides, Archangels, Angels and all Pure Light Beings who would like to support you to join you in meditation. We also called upon the Angels of Love, Light, Peace, Serenity & Blessings. We invited these higher energies to support us to release the past baggage & density, and to connect to the peace & stillness in our hearts. We also connected to the Christ consciousness (which represents the divinity within us, the Soul’s path towards enlightenment), drawing it down to fill all chakras of our body.

Re-establishing the connection back to Mother Earth. Re-establishing the connection with the Divinity within & around us. Feeling & merging as one with our Angelic friends, and our team of Masters & Guides. Sending healing to the moment of separation lifetime that might have severed our connection with our Divine friends.

2) Other Services

If you enjoy this free meditation, you may explore my other meditations in the Akashic Records.

If you feel guided to explore a Personalized Meditation, or an Akashic Light Reading & Healing Session, with me, feel free to check out the details below and contact me as needed.

3) NEW: My YouTube Channel!

I have recently created a YouTube channel, under the account handle @asha-akashicrecords. This channel is dedicated to sharing exclusively on the Akashic Records, and how it can apply to, and transform, our daily lives.

As some of you may know, in addition to being an Akashic Records Reader, Blogger & Podcaster, I am also a Freelance Lawyer called to the Singapore Bar. As such, I am aware of how difficult & challenging it can be, to strive to progress on our spiritual path and maintain our inner peace & sanity daily, amidst the demands of work and all that the 3D world throws at us.

To me, it is a blessing in disguise to juggle with all these demands. Through each challenge, I am shown where my self-perceived limitations & blocks are. By overcoming each challenge, I am able to reach a newfound understanding of myself and share these self-realisations with everyone. I am a lifelong work in-progress, and I hope that my story will motivate & inspire you on your path.

In the meantime, I am re-posting my Podcast episodes on “Demystifying the Akashic Records” in this YouTube channel. I have specially included English subtitles, which will hopefully make the contents more accessible for everyone.

Do subscribe to my channel if it resonates with you! I look forward to co-creating with my team of Akashic Masters & Guides to generate new content in my channel in time to come. 🎙️🌟

As always, your feedback is welcomed. 💌

With Love & Blessings,

Asha & Akashic Masters

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