Release the Grief and Sadness Meditation



Welcome to the Release the Grief and Sadness Meditation (33:33). In this meditation, we called upon your team of Akashic Masters & Guides. We invited the energy of peace and stillness to flow into all cells of your body, nervous system and heart, calming them down. We also connected to the rays of the Central Sun and the energies of Mother Earth, encapsulating you in a protective, comforting bubble of light. Next, we invited Lady Nada, Angels of Love & Peace to join you in meditation. We connected heart to heart with the pink rays of unconditional love from Lady Nada, clearing all density lodged in all chambers of your heart. We also invited the loving, pink light to be sent to your solar plexus chakra, where your inner children reside, releasing all trauma, fears, pain & abuse. We also invited the loving, pink light to be sent to your sacral chakra, as well as all cells, muscles, tissues, organs, bones & blood of your body. Your team of Akashic Masters & Guides swept your auric fields of all dense & discordant energies, infusing it with light, and called back your personal power, energy, soul parts & fragments.

This meditation is useful to heal & release any grief, sadness or heartbreak that you may be experiencing, to create more space within to breathe. Take it easy on yourself, rest as needed. If it helps, you may wish to journal down your thoughts & emotions after the meditation.

Credits to music used: Relaxing Music – Joy and Light by Sefy Tofan

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