Cultivating the Patience Meditation



Welcome to the Cultivating the Patience Meditation (32:56). In this meditation, we called upon your team of Akashic Masters & Guides, swept your auric fields of all dense & discordant energies, and to patch all holes, tears and rips. We invited in the energies of stillness into your energy bodies. Next, we connected deeply into the energies of Mother Earth, to infuse it into your physical body, all other energy bodies & auric fields. In particular, we infused the grounding, relaxing & healing energies of Mother Earth into all cells, bones, blood and organs of the body, including the nervous system, liver, spleen, kidneys, heart and lungs. We invited Mother Earth’s energies to release all feelings of impatience within us. We also invited Mother Earth’s energies to merge with the Central Sun, and to draw down the gold light from the Central Sun into our entire being.

This simple meditation allows us to feel calmer, grounded & connected to the Mother Earth’s energies. By aligning ourselves energetically to Mother Earth, it enables us to release more density, thereby creating more space for clarity within us. It also slows down our busy mind & restless heart, from which feelings of impatience may arise.

Credits to music used: Relaxing Music – Inner Guideness by Sefy Tofan

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