Mar 2023 Newsletter – Slowing Down

Hi Everyone, hope you are doing well! 🙏🏻

For this month, I find myself slowing down, taking time to feel my body, emotions & state of being.

In the world we live in, we often find ourselves caught in a mad rush to get many things done within the shortest time possible. If left unchecked, this easily leads us to feel very stressed, exhausted & depressed. In energetic terms, this leads to soul fragmentation & associated memory loss, where our soul parts & energy are literally stranded everywhere while rushing around (and not reclaimed back). This also commonly leads to more holes, rips & tears in our energy fields (or light bodies) surrounding us, which make us more susceptible to negative, foreign, and lower dense energies, entities & interferences adversely affecting us.

So, how do we know that these negative energies, entities & interferences may be adversely affecting us? Some signs include:

  • Disruptive sleep patterns, such as the inability to sleep deeply for a prolonged period of time, waking up frequently throughout the night, feeling exhausted even after a night’s rest.
  • Caught in nightmares, such as dreaming of escaping / running away from harm or danger, being under attack by others, rushing around from one place to another, waking up in a state of sweat, fear or anxiety.
  • Thoughts of committing suicide or inflicting harm in any part of our body.
  • Bombarded with disparate thoughts that often seek to attack ourselves, such as “you’re not good enough”, “you’re not worthy”, “you’re so stupid”, “you’re an absolute failure”, “you deserve this”, and so on.
  • Caught in a cycle of negative thoughts that we find it difficult to step out from.

In the initial stage, we may experience it in a way commonly labelled as a “burnout”. Subtle signs may be feeling disinterested in life, unmotivated or disengaged with the work we do, chronic fatigue, memory loss, loss of appetite or weight gain (which stems from the mind-body disconnection within us, the feeling that we are not in control of our bodies), feeling hopeless, fearful, anxious, or heavy heart, and so on.

Nowadays, whenever I notice any subtle signs of a “burnout” within me, I would instinctively SLOW DOWN. To give myself the space & opportunity to reset & make more conscious choices for myself.

So, what are the methods that I use to slow down & reset myself? Depending on the severity of “burnout”, these are my methods commonly deployed:

(1) Break the routine of being caught up in the “rat race” – insert my own “pauses” as much as possible.

Whenever I sense that I am losing control of myself, I PAUSE before I do, or react to, anything. Instead of frantically rushing around, I take a break instead – be it a toilet break, water break, lunch break, or even taking a day or a few days’ off. During this break time, I consciously take back the control of my body, mind & emotions, checking in with how I feel at that moment, and acknowledging how I feel. This allows me to honour my emotions, instead of suppressing them down, and creating more work to clear in future. 😅

(2) Invite myself to release the dense energies & emotions that I have taken on for others, or from others, whether known or unknown to me.

While this sounds like a mouthful of words, the gist is that I intentionally allow myself to release all density that no longer serves. I express it in any way that resonates and intend for my exhalation to release all such density. After a while, whenever I feel density accumulating within me (usually in my heart space, brain or womb region), I will stop whatever I am doing, set the intention, and take a couple of deep breaths to release such density. When I take a short break from work, especially in the evenings, I will walk to a comfortable spot with a beautiful view by the window and practice this mindful, deep breathing. This allows me to intentionally & healthily release all density that I have taken on throughout the day, as much as possible, instead of unconsciously latching on to them and causing misery to myself.

(3) For any density that remains lodged within me, I will make a mental note to reflect on this issue at night.

Sometimes, certain dense energies, thoughts & emotions remain lodged within me, even after my mindful, deep breathing. For example, the uncomfortable feeling of unworthiness or heavy heart that refused to go. That usually means that I need to investigate further, to perhaps allow myself to fully express my emotions, reflect deeper on why I feel this way – Is it because I find some truth in it, and why so? Has it triggered some past memories that need some tender loving care & attention? Is it because I have been holding back my emotions, and why so? With this self-reflection, I would highly recommend journalling as a means to acknowledge & understand the “inner dialogue” within us, whatever it may be. I would also suggest that we create a safe space for ourselves in our home, to do this self-reflection peacefully & to safely & fully express our emotions (cry, if that’s what we need). Sometimes, it would also help if we can talk to a trusted friend, family member, mentor or healer who is able to offer us the support & healing that we need. For example, to be our listening ear as we share our feelings and the past memories that were stirred up, to gently support & affirm us as needed, and to offer us the higher perspectives that we may need.

(4) Weave into my daily practice, many opportunities to “pause” and “reset”.

The beauty of maintaining a daily practice is that it acts like a regular source of support, strength & nourishment for us. No matter how the previous day or moment was, we return to our daily practice to be cleansed & bathed in the good energies & positive vibes. Over the years, I have found a “sweet spot” in my daily practice as follows: morning meditation & exercise (usually jogging or stretching), daily reminders, evening meditation cum release, and journalling. At first glance, this may look daunting, even overly tedious. But take baby steps, customise the daily routine to work for you (not against you), and allow yourself some flexibility to deviate a little from your daily routine. For example, you may feel unwell, exhausted or just need to switch things up a little. Allow yourself to experiment with what works & fits your personality, while remembering that the daily practice is meant to support, strengthen & nourish you as you need.

After two years of maintaining my current daily practice, I have seen vast improvements in my state of being. For example, I used to be highly anxious, fearful & stressed at work. These days, mostly I can easily pause & reset myself, and handle all work matters in a calm & peaceful manner. In the past, I couldn’t jog properly due to my rheumatoid arthritis that would flare up from time to time, resulting in a “stabbing pain” in my knees. These days, I am able to jog 40 mins to 1 hour in a mostly pain-free state. My body feels lighter, and my emotions are more stable, peaceful, grateful and loving. Whenever dense emotions arise within me, I take it as an opportunity to deepen my healing & understanding of myself. At all times, to be mindful of keeping my ego (or lower personality) in check – the part of me that questions: “why am I not fully healed”, “why is this issue recurring yet again”, or to repeat to me the same, old limiting beliefs that used to crush me in the past. These days, with greater self-awareness & mindfulness, I learn to gently send it divine love (or love of the highest & purest form that I can share).

As I learn to love & honour myself, I learn to love & honour others around me. As I learn to heal myself, I learn to share & facilitate the healing for others. This is the beauty of our “inner work” – not as a money-making venture as an aspiring spiritual practitioner; but most importantly, to allow ourselves to grow & evolve, and ultimately, to be a source of Light to others, wherever we go, whatever we do.

And that brings me to my final message – We don’t have to be a full-time Akashic Records Reader, Healer, or Spiritual Practitioner of any modality, in order to truly grow & evolve, or to serve others. As long as we remain committed to our “inner work” – to release all density that no longer serves, heal & reconcile all parts of ourselves, we can be the source of Light to others, just by our state of being. A beautiful, walking pillar of Divine Light & Consciousness that gently shares the light, warmth, love & comfort to everyone around us.

You can definitely do it, and we always believe in you! 🌹🌟

Sharing our Love & Blessings with you,

Asha & Akashic Masters

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