May 2023 Newsletter – My Bhutan Retreat

Hi Everyone, I just returned from my 10 days of Bhutan retreat!

It has been such an eye-opening & magical experience to connect deeper with myself, the energies & divine beings in the sacred land of Bhutan. To be honest, I never imagined that I would ever sign up for a Bhutan retreat. The price point, especially with the sustainable development fee of USD200 per day, can be an absolute turn-off at first glance. Yet, something within me kept calling me out to reconnect with the dragon energies in Bhutan, which I used to be a part of, many lifetimes back. On one occasion, deep in meditation, I saw myself as a baby green dragon with wings, flying across the clear, blue skies. The feeling of flying across mountains, valleys and vast blue skies felt so familiar in my subconscious mind, yet I held a fear of heights in my conscious mind. On another occasion, I vividly dreamt of myself as a fairy living with another fairy in a cave perched on a mountain top. We flew out of our cave and stood at the mountain top to watch the most beautiful orange & purplish glow of sunset right in front of us. It felt so real, tangible & vivid that I never forgot this dream. And there it was, my little fairy lineage coming back to merge with me.

In my journey to reconnect deeper with myself, traces & fragments of these past lives have been coming back to me. Little by little, day by day.

It is not that I am exceptionally special and divine; in reality, each of us are uniquely special and divine. I am not the only one with past lives tracing back to various star systems, elementals, and ancient civilisations; in reality, each of us have, to a certain extent, experienced most (if not all) of these as well.

As we embark on, and commit to, our daily practice, we start to reconnect with all parts of ourselves, known and unknown to us. Beyond the physical body, the limitations of the mind, and the limiting beliefs & programming taken on from others. When we anchor deeply to the Truth within us, it becomes unshakeable, built on strong & firm foundations stemming from our daily mindfulness & deep self-awareness. As we stay committed to our daily practice, the “mind control” from everywhere starts to lose its stronghold over us, thereby granting us with renewed eyes, body & mind to see, feel & experience this world that we live in. And the next beautiful chapter of our lives await!

During this Bhutan retreat, the part of me that felt alone, unloved & unaccepted by others, came back to me for deeper healing & release. I have worked on this issue multiple times since the start of my spiritual awakening, at different levels. From coming to peace & acceptance of all that happened in my primary school days of being rejected & ostracised by others, to healing my experiences with my family members & various incidents in childhood, teenage & adulthood years, to clearing my feelings of betrayal stemming from past life memories, and to activating & growing the seedling of divine love within me. It has been a long, winding journey to heal & reconcile various parts of myself. This time round, I am so thankful & blessed to receive the gentle guidance & reminder by the divine beings that this part of me needed further purging & healing, in order to expand my heart chakra, love and be loved, at a deeper level.

It all started after an unknown, white-skinned divine being briefly appeared in front of me, towards the end of my meditation. I was confused & puzzled, as I didn’t know who he/she was, and what exactly was the intention behind this guest appearance? Out of curiosity, I reconnected with the white-skinned divine being in my meditation the next morning. The divine being quietly sat with me in meditation, covering me in a huge beam of white light that felt as if I was transported to the void – so calm, peaceful & expansive. Towards the end of meditation, I asked the divine being, “who are you”? To which, he/she replied: it is unimportant for you to know who I am; rather, it is more important for you to learn to feel into my energies. And it came with a knowing that he/she will reveal the identity to me on that day itself.

With a curious, open heart & mind, I excitedly participated in the day’s events planned out for us in Bhutan. Our second stop was at a monastery which had a magnificent temple that connected to the 21 emanations of Tara, including intricately carved statues of White Tara, Green Tara and Red Tara. To be honest, I was not familiar with the Tara energies, as I did not personally connect with any of them prior to this retreat. When I finally came close to the statue of White Tara, suddenly everything became clear to me. I was so shocked to see that White Tara had an extra eye on her third eye chakra, which coincided with the appearance of the white-skinned divine being that came to me in meditation that morning. During the meditation, I thought that my inner vision was out of alignment, as I kept seeing three eyes in the divine being’s face, not knowing that it was indeed an accurate representation of White Tara!

Immediately, I sat right in front of the statue of White Tara, and requested to connect with her energies. It was an unforgettable experience. I felt so much unknown grief & sadness pouring out from my chest, and released through the tears flowing down my eyes. I started to sob uncontrollably to myself, as White Tara gently sent me the peaceful & loving white light to heal & soothe this broken & forgotten part of myself. After receiving the healing, I thanked her.

To allow deeper healing to take place in all levels of my being, I need to do further self-reflection & dialoguing with my team of divine friends.

For now, I am thankful for the divine assistance kindly granted to me, and in time to come, I will share this gift for many more people to benefit. 🧡

During the Bhutan retreat, I also saw other divine beings who kindly assisted with the further healing & clearing work done on me. Although the retreat has came to an end, it represents the start of my newfound connections with certain divine beings, including White Tara. I am humbled & honoured to be able to connect with them, and I will continue to work deeply on myself (with my ego & pride aside), and strive to share these amazing energies with all of you. 🤗🙏🏻

Sharing all our Love & Blessings with you,

Asha & Akashic Masters

Here’s the link to my Instagram Reels of my Bhutan retreat.

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