Case Study 30 – Akashic Light Reading & Healing Session with Olivia*

Overview of Session with Olivia* (not her real name)

StartAny general messages for Olivia?
Q1What’s causing the panic attack?
Q2Why do I have such a fear of my father?
Q3How about my relationship with Orlando*?
Q4Any final messages that the Masters have for me?

Any general messages for Olivia?

We are happy to have you to join us in this meeting, this gathering, this fellowship, this communion of Souls. It is a re-connection of a part of you, lost and dormant, waiting to be re-ignited. May we send you the blessings, love and light you need in this Soul’s journey, and know that you are never alone. We are here with you forever.

Q1: What’s causing the panic attack?

They are saying that you have exceedingly high expectations on yourself, unknowingly and even knowingly, which places a lot of stress or even unknown triggers in the system. That whenever things go wrong, or somehow there’s this fear creeping up that things may go wrong, then there’s this autopilot that kicks in, that the body will then react in a certain way and cause that panic to flow.

And then these triggers, they are sharing that if you look at the bigger sense of things, it can be controlled by the mind, even though medical experts may sometimes think otherwise. But this is something that is controlled by the mind, and therefore can be resolved by the mind.

But of course, it is easier said than done. Because then, it will require us to re-discover ourselves, with an open heart and mind. Perhaps through journalling, perhaps through chatting with a trusted advisor, or loved one or family member, to trace back to where that stress and expectations all originated from in this lifetime, in your younger days. The first remembrance of you somewhat being at fault, or things seemingly going wrong. And then, as far as you can recall, the first remembrance of that panic attack and how it felt like? Because the purpose of this is that the Soul needs that release, that purging of the past, step by step. And they are showing me it is like a rope that tangles, the knot keeps tangling on. So, what we are trying to do here is to get you to untangle on your own.

But you then have to, with an open heart and mind, re-discover that whole journey when it all began, not to judge ourselves harshly. But just to understand as a child, who we were, the situation that we were in, the emotions that we felt, and to offer ourselves that room for ventilation, that room for release. If we have a trusted friend, loved one or advisor, feel free to share with them. If we don’t, then journalling is the next best tool, write it all down. Write down without fear of judgement or rejection by others. Just allowing the emotions to flow.

And the Masters are saying that this form of journalling or talking to someone trusted is a form of release. So, that will offer you an outlet for that emotional release that started from the first time it happened. And then, as you reconcile that first few incidents, things will gradually open up for you, sometimes even unknowingly. So that the body doesn’t go into that autopilot mode. That whenever there’s a fear of things going wrong, or seemingly going wrong, or the stress, then there’s this autopilot that kicks in, that the body feels that it is not in control of itself, the panic, the emotions, just add on. So, we have to untangle everything and go back to the first time it happened in this lifetime.

Olivia shared that she did a hypnosis session to try to go back into the past, but she couldn’t access the first time it happened. To which, the Masters showed an image of a baby. I don’t think the baby was capable of taking care of itself. The baby was in white clothing, something in the hands and feet, some white socks. The caretaker didn’t seem to be nearby. In that image, I am sensing that there is some feeling of being unloved, neglected and even at a loss. Usually a mother and a child, the bond is very close. But somehow, I’m seeing this baby on her own.

Olivia did not have any remembrance.

To which, I am sensing that it is something that is so young, that you may not have picked up, as far as your memory can recall, even going back to something in the womb. And they are saying that, sometimes for us, the first time it happened, it may even be beyond our waking minds. It could be even trauma in the womb itself, and as we experienced the world. So, they are saying that emotions like panic attacks, as we go deeper, it can be multi-faceted. It can be things that we take on from the parents’ lines, the things we inherited in the womb. And so, something along the ancestral lines. And therefore, it will be helpful for you if you’re open and receptive to consider say, karma clearing sessions, especially those involving your parents’ lines, your father line and your mother line. Comprehensive karma clearing sessions. So, that is something that the Soul can undergo, to reconcile what it has taken on at birth. So, that’s one layer. And then, another layer, there is something about this infant in this image. And I’m sensing that there’s some inner child healing that you need to work on, whether you’re aware of it or not.

And in terms of hypnosis, for your case, you can try to consider inner child healing meditation, rather than going for hypnosis. Olivia shared that she is not really familiar with inner child meditations.

We can try that later. Basically, it is to bring you to a state where you count yourself downwards, and then to connect with one of your inner children. We have inner children within us. So, parts of us that our memories, certain trauma lodged within, whether we know it or not. Just open heart and mind, and then just go in and connect with whatever comes up with us, and then bond with them. Talk to them, hear them, send them love. That’s all we need to do. And then, we come out of meditation. So, they are saying that a part of your inner child feels neglected and unloved through certain experiences. So, that’s something that you can do for yourself.

First, you can consider a karma clearing session with your parent lines. This is something that I don’t offer as a service but my teacher does, if you’re keen on that, I can let you know. Trust your own intuition, whether that’s worth your effort.

Second, inner child healing. You might want to work either on your own or through guided meditations that you may discover.

Third, you may want to work through a trusted advisor, and I’m sensing in this case, you might benefit from a counsellor. A counsellor is not really hypnosis where they kind of get you in and you kind of have this impression that you have to see something or look for something, and then what if you can’t see or look? Or then the memory is just not there. There’s this part that maybe it’s just very hard to connect with that part, then what to do right? So, therefore, it might be easier to just in a conscious state of mind, talking things through with someone trusted. In this case, you might benefit from a counsellor who’s somewhat an outsider, so a bit detached from your situation. And then they wouldn’t have any personal vested interest to say, for example, you’re thinking too much, you don’t need to worry about all these. But really going with you, holding you along the way, and just feeling the emotions as it surfaces. So, this will be helpful for you as you do your own journalling.

So, we are throwing in a few ideas. Because this is something that is multi-faceted. It is not something so straightforward as like we come in to clear all these things, it is gone, and then after that, you feel liberated. They are saying that this whole journey is your Soul’s opportunity to learn. And then, withstand it, get the wisdom, conquer it, and then share that wisdom and learnings with others. So, that is what your Soul signed up for. It is not just purely to torment your Soul, so to speak. That why others don’t have panic attacks, why only me, and why does it affect me in such an adverse way?

The whole idea is to give you the knowing that your Soul is resilient, to be able to go through the experience, withstand it, conquer it, and thereafter, share that experience and wisdom with others in time to come. So, let that be a seed planted in your consciousness within you, maybe one day it will come up to be of something of value.

Q2: Why do I have such a fear of my father?

I’m sensing the words, abusive and temperamental. They are saying it is something that is not just in the present, but also in the past.

In a past life you had with your father, I’m seeing this image of an Indian man. He had a moustache and wore this buttoned shirt. It’s a bit low, so I see his chest a bit dark skinned. And then, you were beside him. You were also an Indian girl. You were in a dress and you tied your hair a bit up your head. In the past life you had with him, it also happens to coincide as a father-daughter dynamic as well. But it felt somewhat like a distant relationship between both of you. He’s almost like “self-absorbed” in that relationship. At least from your perspective, you never really sensed that care, that love, that heart-to-heart connection. He just felt very distant, somewhat like a stranger. But somehow, he was your father.

Olivia shared that he is exactly the same now. We then dug deeper into why is his behaviour like that?

They actually say deep within, there’s this part of him that fears the love and connection. And that’s why he feels safer to keep himself at a distance from you, if it makes sense. Because that makes him feel safe. And that makes him feel in control of his emotions. Because something like love, deep love, is a very touchy feely subject for him that he doesn’t really appreciate its full value or purpose. And they are saying that, at a certain level, he may not have experienced it himself. And that’s why he’s behaving in a certain way. Because on a certain level, his parents may not have fed him with that love. They are saying not even unconditional love, but something like reciprocal love. Like I love you, and you love me back. In that past life, at a certain level, his parents also withheld that love and connection meant for him, or that he belonged to them.

So, there is a part of his Soul that is traumatised. His own children are traumatised and hurt. And as he grows up as an adult, and even starts a family, there’s still this traumatised part of him waiting to be resolved. And unfortunately, for some of them, it takes several lifetimes for the Soul to internalise. Because for them, it is a very organic process, in the sense that they gain the wisdom through the life experiences, through family members, through interactions with people. And then, come to think: Does it make sense? Is my behaviour even appropriate? Or is there some room for deeper Soul searching? But because it is an organic process, we can’t kind of force it in a certain way. His Soul has to feel ready at a certain time, to make the right choices for himself. So, right now, he chose to kind of keep himself a little bit distant from anything related to deep love and connection. Because what I’m sensing is that, these things are very touchy to him, he’s not very familiar. And at a certain level, I’m sensing his parents also withheld that love from him.

And the Masters are saying that, therefore, when you’re born in this family line, karma healing is something that you can do for yourself, for your family lines, which will indirectly benefit your family lines as well. Why? Because you share the same bloodline. And within you energetically, it is like you are all corded together in this web, in this family, whether you realise it or not, which follows you through lifetimes. So, your Soul has signed up for this with him, to bravely go through this ordeal with him and your family, to understand what love is all about? And to even one day, when you are in a good state, or even better state than him, to shower him that unconditional love. Even if at a mental level, you know and feel that you have not even received that from him.

How amazing is that! That as a descendant of the family line, that you are the first one to heal that ancestral line, to heal certain toxic patterns and cycles that were repeating itself genetically, and to start things afresh starting from you. So, your Soul has a duty and responsibility in this case, to do something for your family line.

Q3: How about my relationship with Orlando?

The Masters say that you have a loving relationship with him. So, is there anything that you would like to understand a bit further about this relationship?

To which, Olivia shared that they broke up, and she has been thinking if they should try again. She is also worried if they are compatible.

They say his purpose for you in this lifetime is that, at a certain level, his Soul bravely signed up to go through this ordeal with you, whether you know or realise it or not. And that you’re never alone. With an open heart and mind, when you learn to trust that things are meant for you, developed for you, and in your favour, take that leap of faith, take baby steps, and walk alongside your path, even with him. Have no fear. They are saying that between both of you, the differences are not exactly irreconcilable. It is a matter of understanding each other’s preferences, quirks, history, and also, trauma. So, you understanding him, and him slowly understanding you. And then, both coming together as a pair to bravely work through the ordeals and hardships, as well as to celebrate the victories, joys and happiness in life together. So, it is something worth pursuing for, at least what I’m sensing from the Masters.

And what is your purpose to him? They are saying that, in your case, you are that loving, patient supporter for him, in his goals, believing in him, being there for him, and holding his hand in this journey.

And then, is there anything that you can do to say, improve this relationship if one day you do consider reconciling with him? They say take time to understand each other, even so as to start things afresh. Not to kind of accept each other based on the past history or baggage that each other has proven itself to the other, if it makes sense. In the past, when you guys were together, when certain things gone wrong, put that aside. That Souls have the opportunity to grow up, to realise for themselves. It is like an ongoing healing journey for everyone. So that during the period you are apart from him, you are growing up, he is also growing up. Even when you come together, they are saying it is not a form of reliance or dependence on each other. But each Soul having a healthy relationship, in the sense of supporting the higher Soul’s purpose to go through all these hardships, supporting each other. At the end of the day, just being there for each other, but not really taking away each other’s lessons.

It is not like he will come in and say, all your panic attack, give me, I take it all. But he being there for you. He knows that you can do it, you can conquer it, you have what it takes. So, in the same way, you also standing by his side, understanding him, being there for him. So, that’s what your higher Souls have signed up for. And they are saying that it is actually a very precious relationship in this case. So, don’t give up.

Olivia shared that she was worried that their traumas are overlapping, because his family structure is kind of like her trauma.

They are saying that resonates with the point that your higher Souls have come together because you have compatible lessons to undergo. So, in this case, both Souls are bravely going through a lot of ordeals and hardships in the family line. So, you are there to support him, you know his history, as well as he knows yours. So then, that advice from them, take time to understand each other, even to the extent of starting things afresh. That means, if at any time you feel ready and he feels ready, just keep an open heart and mind like what you so bravely did for today’s session, you knew nothing about this, just as if the past was erased. Whatever we quarreled about, whatever was not happy, just put it aside. From now, today onwards, it is gone. We are starting afresh, and we are understanding each other afresh with our own matured perspectives and also refinement along the way. They are saying that humans are not perfect, it is perfectly understandable. Sometimes, we have our quirks, our temperament, and even when sometimes things go wrong. It is okay, but being there to support each other, taking time to understand each other, and just being there to walk the journey with each other for the rest of this lifetime.

Q4: Any final messages that the Masters have for me?

We are glad that you came for this session so bravely, open heart and mind. We are here to support you, be with you. Recognise that you are never alone. Foster a deeper connection with us, anytime you feel ready. There is no rush. We are here waiting for you. Blessings!

What we focused on for the healing segment?

From the messages shared during the session, we focused the healing on Olivia’s inner children (starting from the womb) and family lines. To deeply heal Olivia’s family lines like father’s line and mother’s line, a comprehensive karma healing session would be needed.

  • We called upon Olivia’s Masters of Light, Akashic Masters, Higher Self, Archangels, Angels, all Pure Light Beings, and Lords of Karma to be with her, who would like to support her for this session. We breathed in the energies of the Akashic Records, allowing it to flow into all cells, all levels, of Olivia’s being. We called upon the energies of peace and stillness in the Akashic Records, to flow into Olivia’s energy bodies and heart space.
  • As Olivia’s Masters and Guides stood closely around her, we facilitated the journeying of her Soul into a deeper state of consciousness, in a very safe and protected manner. Counting downwards from 10 to 1, to reconnect with her in her mother’s womb.
  • Olivia’s Team sent the deepest healing, love and light to the part of her in her mother’s womb.
  • We called upon Olivia’s Lords of Karma to cut away all the cords of fear and anxiety that Olivia may have taken on in her mother’s womb. The Angels sent white light to her entire being.
  • We called back all of Olivia’s soul parts, soul fragments, soul aspects and spirit that she may have lost or left behind in her mother’s womb, to merge back with her.
  • We were guided through a visualization process where Olivia journeyed from her mother’s womb through the birth canal, and exiting from her mother’s womb.
  • Olivia’s Angelic team gathered around her, with some of them holding trumpets to celebrate her birth on this world, and sent so much love, light and healing to her as she came to this world with them.
  • We also called upon Olivia’s Team to bring her to one of her experiences as a child that they would like her to reconnect with now. Olivia was gently guided to extend her hands to hold her inner child’s hands, or even to give her a hug.
  • Olivia’s Angelic team sent so much unconditional love and light, peace and stillness, to Olivia and her inner child, wrapping them safely in white Angelic light.
  • We called upon Olivia’s Lords of Karma to cut away all cords of fear, trauma, anxiety and pain that were ready to be removed from Olivia’s energy bodies.
  • We also called upon Saint Germain and Ultraviolet Fire Angels to send the Violet Flame and Ultraviolet Fire respectively to sweep through the energy bodies of Olivia and her inner child seven times, removing all remnants of cords cut away and facilitating a deeper transmutation of dense and discordant energies, thoughts and emotions, known or unknown to her, which were not in her highest good to keep.
  • Archangel Michael stepped in to offer his protection to Olivia and her inner child. He sent his protective blue light and extended his big Angelic wings to her. He placed a pair of Angelic wings at Olivia’s back, re-igniting her Angelic connection with them. Know that it is a part of her, her forgotten history.
  • We counted upwards from 1 to 10, as we returned our consciousness back to our body.
  • Olivia’s inner child was given an option to either go back to Olivia’s solar plexus chakra, or if she needs further healing, to go to one of the Angels nearby to be sent to the light before merging back in a more healed state.
  • Lastly, Olivia’s Angels showered her with blessings. Blessing her in her path ahead, blessing her as a Soul for bravely signing up for all these ordeals and hardships. Her Team is here with her to withstand all these, conquer and gain the wisdom, as well as to celebrate her joys and victories. And they bow at the beautiful divinity and life within her. And reminded her of her Angelic wings that are a part of her.

With Love & Blessings,

Asha & Akashic Masters

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