Themed Session 3: Unlocking the Abundance that Your Soul Deserves (1 hour online)


In this session, we seek to:

(1) deeply understand the abundance that your soul deserves; abundance may include financial gains, meaningful & loving relationships, good health, deep inner peace, and child-like excitement as life unfolds;

(2) identify where you’re currently at in unlocking the abundance that your soul deserves;

(3) uncover all “stumbling blocks”, in the form of limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging thoughts, fears, societal programming & family conditioning, which are preventing you from receiving the abundance that your soul deserves; and

(4) send deep clearing & healing to these “stumbling blocks”, to allow the flow of abundance into your life.

To schedule a session:

STEP 1: Choose your preferred date & time here

STEP 2: Make payment via PayPal link above in this webpage

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