Personalised Guided Meditation in the Akashic Records (5 slots only)


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Ever yearned for a personalised guided meditation that caters to your current needs & energies? Do you have specific issues that you would like to work on or receive healing – be it more peace, better health, or even a breakthrough in any blockages afflicting you?

If so, this personalised guided meditation is for you.

This service will consist of:

  • An introductory 15 mins 1-on-1 Zoom / phone call, to understand the specific issues that you would like to work on or receive healing. If you are unsure, we can explore issues surrounding your physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual bodies.
  • With an estimated lead time of 2 to 4 weeks, I will co-create with your Akashic Masters & Guides, to record a personalised guided meditation (around 30 to 45 mins) that caters to your current needs & energies. We will seek to deal with the issues that you shared. As this is a guided meditation, the final product may differ from your list of issues shared, but whatever comes through will be meant for your highest good.
  • I will send you the final product in mp3 format for your downloading via email. You may listen to the meditation as often as you need, unless otherwise stated.

For more information, please check out my FAQs here on the personalised meditation.

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