Just Be Meditation



Welcome to the Just Be Meditation (31:11). In this meditation, we called upon your team of Akashic Masters & Guides to join you, bathed in their light & the energy of stillness. We connected to the warm, gold rays of the Central Sun and allowing it to flow into your main energy centers. We sat in meditation with your team of Akashic Masters & Guides, allowing them to assist us with a deeper purging & release of the dense energies & emotions lodged within. We experienced the state of simple bliss sitting in the middle of a lotus flower, soaking in the nourishing divine light all around us. Towards the end, your team of Akashic Masters & Guides showered blessings to your path ahead, cleansed your aura, called back your personal power, energy, soul parts and soul fragments.

This meditation allows you to experience the simple bliss from being with yourself. It acts like a steady anchor amidst the chaotic storms that may be brewing externally. All is Well.

Credits to music used: Relaxing Music – Beautiful Peace by Sefy Tofan

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