Jan 2024 Newsletter – A Life of Happiness

Hi Everyone, Happy New Year!

This morning, I was thinking about what to write for my first newsletter of 2024. I was walking around in a daze with my dog, Woobin, when a lady approached me and passed me a booklet titled “A Life of Happiness”. The title got me reminiscing about my life to-date, and how far I have walked. Right where I am, I feel so thankful, grateful and blessed, and there is nothing more that I truly need in life.

Happiness was never something that came easily to me in life. In my early years, happiness felt so elusive, like a mental concept that rich and successful people flaunt about, which was never tangibly felt by normal people like me. Even when happiness came briefly, there was always a niggling feeling that it will soon go away. And that always turns out to be true.

Over the years, I learned the hard way, to manage my own expectations. To expect almost nothing from others, so that I will never be disappointed. To distance myself from others, so that I will never be hurt. To build multiple barriers around my heart, so that I will not feel the full magnitude of my emotions. To assume that happiness is never meant for me, so that I won’t go around seeking & chasing for the elusive notion that never materialises.

For many years, this was my survival mechanism. It served me well, especially when I was thrusted into new environments at different stages of my life and meeting new people around me. In the workplace, even till today, I am often known to have an “expressionless face”. People can hardly tell what & how I was thinking and feeling, just by looking at my face and body language. As a result, supervisors sometimes feel a little insecure around me, not really sure whether I pledged my allegiance to them or not.

I thought that this mode of operating would serve me well for my remaining lifetime. I could continue to live life under a veil, and blend in wherever I go. People often like working with me, not because I stand out with my unique charm, but because I go my way out to blend in with them – their working styles, preferences, expectations, and even choice of words. I was good at conforming and replicating exactly what was required, said and unsaid.

However, a part of me continued to feel hollow and empty. On the outside, I ticked off the checklists for appropriate social etiquette and working style. On the inside, I could barely feel my own authenticity – Who am I? What do I stand for? What do I believe in? What do I truly want to achieve in life, if any?

I was reluctantly thrusted onto my path of spiritual awakening, when certain events unfolded that forced me to feel into & face the full agony of my hastily bandaged and bleeding heart all these years. What I had so conveniently suppressed for many years, all came loose. As the stuck emotions and memories resurfaced in my heart and mind, it felt like waves after waves of mental and emotional torture. Within a few months, the torture creeped into my physical body that was already busy battling with an autoimmune disease. It triggered lapses of painful inflammation all over my body.

Desperate for a solution, I started opening myself up to various energy healing modalities. Finally, after a few years of searching, I found my way into the doors of the Akashic Records.

Initially, I didn’t know if I have the ability to commune with the Akashic Masters. It was not that I doubted the method to access my Akashic Records. Rather, I doubted myself – whether I had sufficient intuition and psychic abilities, in order to accurately commune with the Akashic Masters. When I first received their messages, my mind often stepped in to question whether it is all real or a mere figment of my imagination?

With my wounded heart and chaotic mind, the energies of the Akashic Records offered me a reprieve from these issues. I was drawn to the Akashic Records meditations, as I found within each meditation, a gentle, loving and healing experience that I never really felt before in life. After each meditation, I would always feel more peaceful, quiet and uplifted.

Held by the loving, compassionate and nurturing hands of my Akashic Masters, step by step, I walked out of my past shadow – trauma, pain, fears and wounds, and started discovering myself from deep within. Not just any other label that others have imposed on me, for example, that you are more suited for a back-end role as you are quiet and introverted by nature. But they – my amazing unseen friends – had the ability to tear down all these labels and veils, to allow me to witness for myself, that I can truly shine and spread the Light with my words, voice and state of being. That it was time for me to step out and step up. That I have what it takes to put myself “out there”, to bridge the divide between the Akashic Masters and their beloved children. That they are most ready and willing to work with and through me, any time I am ready to do so.

It was the profound realisation for myself, that the Akashic Masters surround me all the time and have my back covered no matter what, that truly transformed my perspectives in life. I realised that I was never truly alone all these years – they have been, and will always be, right here with me till my last breath and beyond. Even when I doubted and questioned myself and my abilities, they never lost their belief and faith in me. Every time I called upon them, they never fail to gently yet swiftly come closer to me and allow me to feel into their presence. Even though they have seen me at my worst, they continue to hold me each time like a precious child and priceless jewel.

Through the connection with my Akashic Masters, I could finally feel what happiness feels like. It is not about acquiring material possessions like the latest branded handbag, expensive car, beautiful house or a job promotion. Rather, it is the state of being from inside out. A state of deep inner peace in the heart and mind most of the time, coupled with a deep trust and knowing in the body that I am so loved, cherished and respected by my Akashic Masters, and they definitely have my back covered no matter what. In this joyful state of being, it brings out the best in us, seen and unseen.

We choose to step out of our comfort zone.

We choose to challenge our perceived boundaries and limitations, over and over again.

We choose to keep trying and going, even amidst perceived setbacks, failures, mistakes and defeats.

We choose to stand in and shine our authentic Light, even if we are the minority of one, at any given moment.

Connecting with the Akashic Masters has been a life-changing experience for me. Looking back at how far I have walked to reach here, there is nowhere else that I truly want to be right now. Having received so much from them (and more), it is my time to reciprocate, by doing all that is within my means to be of service to the Light. And I pray that any time I have to take my last breath, I could smile to my unseen friends, hold their hands, and say, “I have tried my best. No regrets.”.

With Love and Blessings,

Asha & Akashic Masters

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This meditation was recorded live during my final free monthly event on 30 Dec 2023. In this meditation, we connected with the tree of life above and beneath us, as we called in Saint Germaine, Lord Buddha, Egyptian Goddess Hathor, Angels of Love, Angels of Peace and the Dragons to prepare our energy bodies to welcome in 2024. Lord Buddha connected each participant to Divine Peace. Egyptian Goddess Hathor allowed us to experience and embody Divine Love. As a grand finale to 2023, the Dragons joined us to infuse us with Divine Courage – a stronger Love to embark on 2024!

This meditation is useful to allow us to receive and integrate the energies of Divine Peace, Divine Love and Divine Courage. It prepares our energy bodies to receive the higher energies that await us in 2024.

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