Case Study 26 – Akashic Light Reading & Healing Session with Aila*

Overview of Session with Aila* (not her real name)

StartSensing of Aila’s energies as we accessed her Akashic Records
Q1I’ve pain on three points in my body, all on the right side. The right scapular tends to come on when I’m tired or stressed. More recently, my right elbow would hurt again, stress and fatigue, I think. And most recently, my right wrist hurts. The right scapular issue has been there for the past 10 years. So, I don’t know if there’s a story or history behind it all?
Q2I’ve been short sighted at a very young age and developed long-sightedness for more than 30 years. Is it due to the same reason of the disharmony of the feminine side?
Q3Are the Guides able to sort of look into the future? For example, my team is short of one person and I’m talking to my boss on Monday about it. I don’t know how much of a fight that will have to be. Are they able to tell me whether it will be an easy conversation, or it will be a lot of effort for me?
Q4I generally sleep very well, and I have nightmares, which doesn’t happen that often. It’s always of people physically chasing me. I’m running and people are running after me. Is it due to stress or what’s the message from my Guides?
Q5Are my Guides able to verify whether it’s a great idea that I left my last job?
Q6Any messages in general they have for this session?

Sensing of Aila’s energies as we accessed her Akashic Records

I am sensing some heaviness in the heart region, some things being cluttered in it energetically, some dense energies waiting to be released. A lot of worries and fears in the heart area as well, which is bogging down your mind, thus acting as a veil to cover your vision, and thereby affecting your clarity. This then affects your true alignment to your mission on Earth. In some sense, you feel that you’re kind of veering off path, but you’re unsure why.

Q1: I’ve pain on three points in my body, all on the right side. The right scapular tends to come on when I’m tired or stressed. More recently, my right elbow would hurt again, stress and fatigue, I think. And most recently, my right wrist hurts. The right scapular issue has been there for the past 10 years. So, I don’t know if there’s a story or history behind it all?

We check into the root issue that we may share at this point.

They label it as a distortion in the feminine energies within. There is disharmony within the body because, in some sense, the Soul is disrespecting the union between the masculine and the feminine energies, and the feminine energies feel that it is being unheard and not taken care of. And not given its proper place within your body. In daily life, I’m sensing that it is a predominantly mind-driven process, rather than a heart-driven process. And that feminine side feels suppressed and neglected. These recurring issues are coming up for you to take care and take note of this. This disharmony within yourself on one side of your body.

Aila shared that it is quite vague, and she is not sure what she should do about this feminine or masculine energy. To which, we tried to find out what is the root cause of this?

In the present life, it comes as a result of neglecting your Soul’s and body’s need to rest, to allow it to rebalance and come into harmony within itself. So, they are saying that sleeping is a very sacred process, where the bodies take time to integrate and come into harmony. So, the different organs take time to detox and rebalance itself. Because our body is intelligent and has a way of healing itself. And they remind you to prioritise your sleep every day. The golden time at least is from 11pm to around 3 to 4am, when the organs are detoxifying. So, make sure that in your environment itself where you sleep, to cut down on the EMF and to ensure that there’s ample darkness in the room so that you can have an adequate rest.

And they also remind that the water is very important for your health. Because the bulk of your body cells is constituted and reliant on water. So, if possible, ensure that you are drinking filtered crystallised water. That means, water that has been filtered and then charged by crystals. Aila shared that while she uses the Vitajuwel crystal water bottle for several years, she does not have a water filter at home. So, they are saying that you need to filter your water to make sure you get rid of those chlorine and other obvious toxins in the water first, then you charge. Otherwise, if you’re just charging unfiltered water, it is like taking the swimming pool water with chlorine and putting it inside the bottle. It doesn’t serve its highest purpose to you, as the rightful owner of your body.

So, the distortion in feminine energies comes from the disharmony within. One of the few ways they suggest to come into harmony and balance is to go back to the basics, in terms of rest, water and food.

In terms of the food that you’re putting into the body, they are asking how are we sufficiently nourishing the body with fresh fruits and vegetables? A lot of things are laden with toxins and chemicals. How best are we trying to take in the food with the least amount of disruptive energies? So, sometimes, the food that we consume also contains certain disruptive and discordant energies that we take in. As a result, our vessel takes on all these energies around us.

In this very convoluted world that we are in, where we are bombarded by a lot of distortions in energy, all these little things make a huge difference, from the food, to the water and rest.

They are also reminding, on top of all these, to maintain this routine with sufficient exercise and sunlight exposure will be good for you, to keep your body in its optimal state.

Aila asked why are we having such a fairly basic conversation?

To which, the Masters shared that mindfulness of the little things in life will keep us grounded, and therefore, enhances our ability to anchor in the higher energies. So, before we are eager to move up, which we are already receiving a lot of fifth dimension and above energies coming down on us, how do we integrate these higher energies into ourselves, into our physical body? Therefore, the physical body needs to be in its optimal and prime condition in order to effortlessly integrate all these energies. To do that, we have to come into this so-called perfect harmony within us. And that comes from the simple things that most of us often overlook, which is we are talking about food, water, exercise, even the air etc. Therefore, we are covering this not because we are doubting your abilities to ascend or to receive higher energies, but because we want you to receive these higher energies and integrate in your body most effortlessly. And this will benefit you in the long-term.

Because what happens now is that in this current society, sometimes there are teachings that suggest that we just focus on receiving the higher energies and bringing them down. And we talk about ascension. What does it mean by ascension? Ascension in this physical body that God/Creator has given us. How do we ascend with this body? So therefore, they are saying that “as above, so below”. We are focusing on the “below”, to go back to the basics of “below”, to make sure that things are properly taken care of, that we go into the mindfulness of the practice.

So, they are saying that it’s not just we are talking about daily habits. Daily habits are important because they are ingrained in us, and most of the time, we carry them out in an autopilot state. So over time, as we keep doing, we lose that mindfulness. And that mindfulness is important because it enhances our ability to self-reflect, and therefore achieve self-mastery.

When we are in full awareness of our whole being, that’s when other energies come in, we are able to decipher accurately: these are other people’s energies, these are my energies. And then, these are the beliefs of others that I have taken on, these are my own beliefs. And therefore, being able to detach from what’s not ours versus what’s ours, working on what’s ours. Through that, over time, to effortlessly ascend.

Aila shared that she is not particularly looking to ascend. She doesn’t even know what that means. But she understands that they are working on some higher goal that is beyond her, and she’s sure they have her interest at heart.

To which, the Masters say, take it step by step, stage by stage. They have a higher purpose for you, as much as unknowingly you have a higher purpose for yourself. That’s why you have pursued so many courses, trying to upgrade your own knowledge. And your vast repository of knowledge within you, how are you going to harness it to benefit other people’s lives, including yours? So, when we talk about healing others, it always starts with healing of the self first.

Aila queried, so back to the physical pain of the right scapula, elbow and wrist, if I take care of all these, these are all kind of the same problem, right?

What I’m receiving is that there’s disharmony in the feminine side. So, we have to take care of these areas, then the problems over time will resolve by themselves.

Q2: I’ve been short sighted at a very young age and developed long-sightedness for more than 30 years. Is it due to the same reason of the disharmony of the feminine side?

They are saying that the root cause of the eye-related issues comes from the veils that we put on ourselves. And the root cause is that mistrust in ourselves, our own abilities, our judgements, our beliefs. And that may have come from issues that we have taken on from our family since young, that may have inculcated in us a certain way of thinking, believing, seeing in ourselves and also others around us. So, they are saying that this is as much a physical issue, as it is an emotional issue.

Aila wanted to explore deeper on how to work on these issues?

They say that we have to come into harmony within ourselves first. The issue of mistrust that might have built up since childhood days. We need to work through them through mindful journalling, to go through our past as it has happened. They are suggesting that things that we can start journalling about are things that are most obvious to us. For example, things that may come up from time to time in our dream state, or as we go about in our daily awareness, the thing that is kind of bombarding our consciousness.

We can detach from these past issues, by journalling them down, by going through how and why it happened? And what we can learn, or what we have learned, from the experience. The experiences have unfolded for a certain reason. What did we learn from that experience? What is the wisdom that we’ve accrued from the experience? So that, over time, we can move on from this chapter of our lives in a stronger & more resilient state. And that, in itself, will heal the emotional trauma. The layers of emotional trauma that we have taken on, knowingly or unknowingly in our consciousness, that is affecting our vision and our way of life. They are saying it is not just a vision issue. So, it’s both a physical and an emotional issue at an energetic level.

For journalling, writing down your experiences, what you learned, your wisdom of it. They also invite you to go back and reflect on it. Say if it is one issue that you’re working on, take it slow, say every 2 to 3 days, go back to the issue, and just give yourself that permission and space, to go through, reflect and write it down. Sometimes, after a few days, you might see things from different perspectives. Or because your Guides know that you’re working on this issue, they come up with different things and hints along the way, or different conversations that you may have with people. Different things that may come into your consciousness as you embark on this healing journey. And thereby forming new perspectives after say, 2 to 3 days, and then you go and revisit the issue. That will help you at different layers, to go deeper and deeper. And every one of us needs to undergo that healing. We have taken on, on some level, certain level of emotional trauma from time to time as we grow up. So, these are things that we are empowered to release, and work on it.

Aila asked for a faster and cheaper way out. Would visiting a guy she has in mind help with her vision?

To which, the Masters shared that it takes two hands to clap. Your efforts matter. There’s no harm expending your resources to try new things, to embark on different healing with different people. But ultimately, the root issue rests within you, which you have to sort it out through journalling. So, they are not dismissing that any other methods should not, or could not, try. But to always remember this suggestion of journalling, because it goes right down into the core issue that we need to resolve at this stage.

Aila shared that she has not tried journalling, so they are telling her that she should strongly consider.

Take things slow. For first timers, get a book you like, start it new, not some random book from anywhere. And then, have ownership of the book. It is something that people often dismiss, but it works effectively. Especially if it’s a big issue, make sure we commit to it every 2 to 3 days, go back to it. If we can afford every night, that’s the best. And it becomes a habit that we are checking in with ourselves. They are also saying that on top of working on past issues, we can also work on present issues. Just by writing down, reflecting on our own, the questions like — How am I feeling today? What things happened? What am I grateful for? Little things like that. It may not mean much, but energetically, it adds something to us each time. It helps us to gain that added level of mindfulness and wisdom, self-reflection, self-mastery that we all need. So, something to consider.

Aila was wondering how omnipotent these Guides are, if they know stuff that she doesn’t?

To which, it was received, it might be difficult, but sometimes, give ourselves the space and opportunity to trust before seeing. In our society, we often have this idea that we see before we trust. That means we have to see it clearly in the physical tangible sense. The Guides in front of us, it’s not just telling us in a gentle soft voice, but in a loud voice, and therefore we trust. But we can give ourselves that space and permission to just keep an open mind. Take in the information as it is, and test it out. Give ourselves the time to test it out, say 1 to 2 months, to try out the suggestions and check in with how we feel. Because ultimately, how we feel doesn’t lie, right? Does it over time help us to lift out certain gunk within us that we’ve been trying to purge for the longest time? And reach that lighter, more peaceful, more harmonious state within our being?

Q3: Are the Guides able to sort of look into the future? For example, my team is short of one person and I’m talking to my boss on Monday about it. I don’t know how much of a fight that will have to be. Are they able to tell me whether it will be an easy conversation, or it will be a lot of effort for me?

They are saying that in this case, it depends on you. Your courage to start that tough conversation and to proceed to the end.

The main message is that the power lies within ourselves. So, when we talk about the future, sometimes we forget, or have a tendency to forget, the power that already lies within us at the present, to do what we can to change our future reality. So, they are not here to make future predictions, because they respect that at an energetic level, you are a powerful Divine being of your own accord, who came to Earth to go through these hardships and experiences, which molded you in a certain way. And right now, how can we go back to that state of Divinity? How can we recall and fully embody that Divinity that is yours to begin with?

Because when we are in inner alignment, that external alignment happens. How do we say that? For example, when we are in harmony within our body, within the masculine and feminine sides, aligning our own chakras, what that means is that we are a source of walking alignment in every place that we go, leaving behind light codes with us to positively influence the people around us. Sometimes, when we talk about difficult conversations, it is not just about the tactics or techniques that we use to convey certain messages across to the so-called difficult person. It is also about how they feel or sense into our energies at that moment, that thereby influences how the conversation will be steered.

Aila commented that her Guides are very high level and divinity, and she is not even thinking about that kind of stuff. So, she thinks she’s got to work towards that.

You are going towards it, and in fact, you are recalling what you already possess and own. It is just that to get that, we have to clear that gunk or baggage within us. And the reason why they are asking me to share all these is because your Soul is ready at this stage to receive these seeds in your consciousness that will blossom at its own divine timing.

Our role here is not just about answering questions. We respect that in this earthly realm, there are issues, physical issues, dilemma that affect us from time to time. We respect fully that all these are what takes up our time. But it is only one aspect of our life, this 3D realm that we are in, this physical world and this physical embodiment that we are in. There’s so much more to life.

And your Soul is ready at this stage for the next upgrade. So, that’s why we are sharing this information to you. But often upgrades, it begins with really taking care of, and coming into harmony within, the body; having that level of mindfulness within our body, to truly come into the nitty gritty details of our body; what we think, how we speak, our beliefs, where all these are coming from? And that, over time, it shapes our consciousness, and also influences the way we interact with people and how people interact with us.

Because ultimately, it is an exchange of energies everywhere we go. We as an energetic being, and also the workplace, bosses, colleagues, all of them have their own energy fields. And we are interacting with them every day. It is a bit like going back to the EMF, it is like energies are colliding with each other everywhere we go. And mankind is experiencing so much distortions in energies right now. There are so many things around us, even at an unknowing level. So, there’s so much to practice by being mindful, by going back to the basics and trying to come into harmony within ourselves first.

Q4: I generally sleep very well, and I have nightmares, which doesn’t happen that often. It’s always of people physically chasing me. I’m running and people are running after me. Is it due to stress or what’s the message from my Guides?

Slow down. You need to slow down. Your Soul needs a proper rest. Because whether knowingly or unknowingly, we are chasing after so many things in our daily lives, in our waking time. That at night, it becomes something that turns the other way round, that we feel we are being chased.

In our waking mind, there are so many priorities that are bombarding our consciousness. So, by allowing ourselves – our body, mind and soul, to slow down, we need to intentionally do so to create that space for us to nourish and heal ourselves. Because otherwise, we are being deprived of this opportunity. Everything around us is just taking our time, energy and consciousness.

We need to intentionally carve out that self-care time. Not just something that we do every night, that can be a good start, say one hour every night, a self-care time. Self-care time meaning time for self-reflections, time to be with ourselves away from the gadgets. There is also that carving out of our space in the workplace by maintaining our own healthy boundaries. That means to allow, teach, guide or facilitate others to start respecting our time.

Aila shared that she cannot bring herself to be irresponsible and just knock off on time because she just cannot finish the work. What happened in her past or current? Why does she feel this overwhelming sense of responsibility to the work?

While you might benefit from some journalling or even reflection, the root cause is that we feel that we might be unworthy or even replaceable by society. That’s why our mind feels that it needs to overcompensate itself, to try to get everything done fully and according to someone else’s expectations. And we constantly give ourselves the stress or pressure to live up to other people’s expectations of the commitments of the timelines that they set for ourselves.

It is like a vicious cycle in some sense. Because the higher achievers, the people who have proven the ability to fulfil or meet these timelines, they get more work over time, to try to meet even more.            

And they say that what really needs attention right now is that feeling of unworthiness and the attention that we need to give for our inner child within us. That wants to be listened to, that wants its advice or voice to be heard, that wants to go out and play, that wants the work to leave on time or at most plus minus 30 minutes to an hour. It doesn’t want to be suffocated with all this burden, with other people’s problems, not just in work time, but after work time. It feels energetically that we are corded to the workplace, to all these people and issues, in an unhealthy way.

So, this is why the Masters are reiterating, it is important for us to carve out the space intentionally for ourselves – our own “me” time, unintruded “me” time. Because otherwise, we are in this endless loop of cycle, it is very hard to detach. We need to create that space for ourselves to step back, look into all these, feel into all these, and decide for ourselves: How can we better deal with this situation at work? How can I voice out my problems or concerns in a tactful manner? And how can I have the courage to hold difficult conversations with others?

Q5: Are my Guides able to verify whether it’s a great idea that I left my last job?

They are saying that the past is already behind, why bother to unearth the past and put ourselves in a state of misery?

So, sometimes we put ourselves in the past in the right manner. When it comes to self-healing, for example, certain childhood trauma that we may have experienced. The last thing we want is just sweep everything under the carpet. Because when the time is ripe, it is most healthy to lift up the carpet from time to time, to take out the issues to look at it, to try to heal it, to remove it from the carpet hopefully.

But in this case, since you already made a firm decision and left, there is no need for us to go back and make ourselves feel miserable to something that we have already taken the courage to shift. Now what we can control is the present reality that we have, so let’s make the most out of that.

Q6: Any messages in general they have for this session?

Stay hopeful and firm in believing in yourself and your own abilities, to conquer all odds, challenges and hardships presenting your way right now. You have everything it takes to overcome all odds within you. But first, you have to start trusting yourself, and it starts with that mindfulness, journalling, meditation, in carving out self-care time for yourself daily.

What we focused on for the healing segment?

Aila wanted the healing to focus on enhancing trust in herself and that she is worthy.

  • We called upon Aila’s team of Akashic Masters, Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Archangels, Angels and all Pure Light Beings who would like to support her, of the highest Light and Resonance to surround her, standing in a circle of Oneness, Love and Light around her.
  • We activated Aila’s central pillar of Light that connects into the Mother Earth and the purest and highest dimensions & frequencies of Light above.
  • Next, we ran the Akashic Light Clearings & Activations, which are energetic commands that assist the body to heal and shift on a physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual level, as aligned to the recipient’s highest good.
  • We ran the Clearings & Activations for Trust Thyself, Fear, I am Worthy, to release the feelings of lack of trust, fear and unworthiness as much as possible, to create more space within.
  • We also ran the Clearings & Activations for Inner Child Healing (sending healing & love to our inner children); Release (releasing a deeper layer of dense & discordant energies & emotions); Brain Balance (balancing left & right hemispheres of the brain); Bridging the Heart & Mind (allowing us to make heart-centered decisions); Yin-Yang Balance (guiding the body in its harmony of the masculine and feminine energies).
  • Aila’s team cleared and swept her auric fields to remove those things that she may have taken on in the workplace and at home, interactions with people. Gently clearing other people’s energies out. Aila’s team also patched all holes, rips and tears in her auric fields.
  • Finally, Aila’s team showered blessings her way, blessing her path forward to unfold with most ease and grace, blessing her with more clarity for her inner work that will take place.

Akashic Light Clearings & Activations:

Trust Thyself, Fear, I am Worthy, Inner Child Healing, Release, Brain Balance, Bridging the Heart & Mind, Yin-Yang Balance.

With Love & Blessings,

Asha & Akashic Masters

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