Case Study 23 – Akashic Light Reading & Healing Session with Sophie*

Overview of Session with Sophie* (not her real name)

StartAny information that the Masters have for Sophie?  
Q1I thought I’ve completed all my work assigned to me and I am dedicated to my work. But I won’t get any appreciation or recognition from other people. Some people are getting more appreciation even though their work is not up to standard. Why does it happen like this? Do I have to change my view or not be bothered about this?
Q2Usually, I want to approach everything positively. But nowadays, negative thoughts roam around me. How to overcome this? Sometimes, it makes me suffer a lot. Because of my health issues, I am very much suffering.
Q3After surgery a few years back, my health is not so good. Nowadays, it’s getting worse after COVID and I’ve another surgery coming up. I’m really fed up with all these. I also can’t practice yoga, pranayama, bhastrika and breathing exercises that I used to do, as I am unable to sit for a long time due to my liver problem. What should I do?
Q4In my day-to-day life, my promotions, my husband’s profession and my son’s studies, all improvements are very slow. Because we have been waiting for a very long time, I think there is some hindrance. How do we overcome that?
Q5Any final messages for Sophie?

Any information that the Masters have for Sophie?

You are a happy & loving soul, very gracious in your heart in giving love to others. Sometimes, you neglect the self-care, the ability to take care of yourself at the expense of others. So, you have the tendency to put others’ needs before your own needs, and that is something to improve as a soul. Learning to take care of your own needs, prioritise your own needs and health first.

Q1: I thought I’ve completed all my work assigned to me and I am dedicated to my work. But I won’t get any appreciation or recognition from other people. Some people are getting more appreciation even though their work is not up to standard. Why does it happen like this? Do I have to change my view or not be bothered about this?

The Masters are sharing there is a part of you that feels resentful at this unfairness, that this situation is unequal or unfair. Because deep within you, you believe that equality is a birthright, a divine right.  If people contribute more in work, they should be rewarded more. If people are not up to standard, they should not be compensated more, they should just be given what they are worth or deserving of.

But unfortunately, the world exists in its unfairness and imperfections. Because the world is ruled or governed by people. And people in the leadership, they have their own flaws and weaknesses. Many of them may not be in full control of their thoughts, emotions & actions as they go about in this world, even if they appear successful or capable. The Masters see each Soul as a light body, coming to earth to experience life in different stages and challenges, that every Soul is governed by their own lessons. In this world, everybody is imperfect, learning their own lessons. Because they are learning their own lessons, they make their own mistakes, even people in leadership and power.

So, the Masters’ advice for you is first focus on yourself. That means take back your energy of unfairness in this situation as you look externally at others. Take back all these energies and powers. Learn to just focus on yourself and be contented with what you have. Because as we keep seeking outwards, if the situation externally takes time to adjust & change, we may not have the patience or time to really wait for things to be in that perfect order that we imagine it to be or that we want things in a certain way. But the external reality just cannot match up to it. Because the external reality takes time to develop. People are all Souls learning their own lessons at different paces.

We need to take our energy & soul parts back to ourselves, focus on ourselves, be contented with what we have, and have that openness & graciousness of heart to accept that — when you look at them, they are all Souls learning their own lessons at their own pace, they may make mistakes, it is okay. So long as your basic rights are not being violated, that you are still able to speak up for yourself, protect yourself, ensure that you are fairly compensated, then just let them be – let them learn their own lessons at their own pace. And that has nothing to do with you.

Q2: Usually, I want to approach everything positively. But nowadays, negative thoughts roam around me. How to overcome this? Sometimes, it makes me suffer a lot. Because of my health issues, I am very much suffering.

The Masters share the main reason you’re suffering from your own thoughts is because you’re not fully in control of your mind. In this world that we are in, they are showing me an image – around you, there are a lot of foreign interferences coming in to bombard your consciousness. For example, the news, the television, someone died, there is flooding, there is natural disaster, COVID is getting worse, many people are dying, many people are losing their jobs. All this kind of information is around you. Also, they are saying a lot of other people’s problems or baggage are affecting you emotionally.

That means, you are on your own, but then, why is it so affecting you? There are a lot of things around you, people around you, information around you, that want to surround your body and keep giving you a lot of negative energy that makes you feel suffering.

Their solution for you is: why don’t you try to tune in to the Akashic Records meditation? I have free ones on YouTube. If you’re new to meditation, you may not feel comfortable. So, your mind may be distracted, you may think about other things, the negative things may come back to harass you. But try, try. The Masters are saying, specifically for you, Akashic Records meditation will be very helpful. Those free group meditations that I have on YouTube, they say it will be useful to excavate a lot of old baggage within you that you never even know existed.

There are a few things. First, it might be some past life baggage that is weighing your Soul down. Second, it is present life, all the information and all the other people’s problems. They are showing me your auric fields, that means your energy bodies around you, are very thin and there are holes in there. So, if you have been doing the Akashic Records meditation regularly, your auric fields will be thicker, it will protect you. But if your auric fields are very thin, with a lot of holes, then when all these negative information comes in, it goes straight into the physical body. That’s when the physical body feels sick. So, your emotional problem and other people’s problem become your problem, and make you feel sick.

Q3: After surgery a few years back, my health is not so good. Nowadays, it’s getting worse after COVID and I’ve another surgery coming up. I’m really fed up with all these. I also can’t practice yoga, pranayama, bhastrika and breathing exercises that I used to do, as I am unable to sit for a long time due to my liver problem. What should I do?

The Masters are saying your liver problem is because over decades, you hold a lot of anger – suppressed anger within you that has nowhere to go. Because externally, to other people, you are a very nice and friendly person, giving to others, always try to listen and help others. But you neglect yourself, your own needs. So, sometimes you bottle up, because people don’t take care of you when you don’t say out. People don’t take care of you; they take you for granted.

So, every time an incident happens where other people don’t take care of you, you can’t speak up for yourself, you feel unfair, unequal or injustice. So, you feel angry or resentful. Why is the world like that? Why is the world so unfair? Why am I not treated fairly? And then all these anger, it goes down. As your auric fields are very thin with a lot of holes from other people’s problem, from all the information, it (anger) goes in and then stores in your body. All your negative emotions from many, many years, it keeps storing. So, every time we are angry, we want to say out but we cannot say out, we swallow it down, it goes down and then it hides in the liver. Not just in the liver, in other parts of your body as well, like in your spine. You might have other issues with your spine and other parts of your body. Over time, you have been storing so much anger. And it is no one’s fault, really.

They are not shouting in any way. They want to say with so much love and compassion for you. So that you can receive it and realise the harm that anger has been inflicting on your own physical body for all these years.

So, the Masters are saying, for your case, find a loved one, a family member, who can listen to you, who is willing to sit down and patiently listen to you. Share with them your struggles or the anger that you have stored within you for so many years that you don’t know. It has been so long, so many of them, that it is very hard to remember. But whatever comes up, say it out. Why? Say it out so that it can come out, instead of storing and storing, and then the liver & other parts of the body cannot take it. Say to a loved one, tell them in your childhood years, how you have struggled; the family that you grew up in, how much anger you have stored within you; when you are at the workplace, how other people have treated you.

Say it out because you want to heal yourself. You want to heal yourself so you are giving yourself the permission to recount and recall all these past memories, and then saying it out. After you say it out, bless the people who have hurt you. Bless the people who have caused you pain & agony. So, you can say everything, your emotions – how you feel, you can cry, it is safe for you to cry. At the end, never forget to bless all these people, and bless yourself as a beautiful Soul for having gone through this journey of life, this experience, as it is.

Sophie shared, if I show my anger, it will create problems. I control my anger, be it at my workplace and also my family. Till now, I am unable to show my anger at any place. That is the practice for me, even if some people irritate me.

The Masters are saying this is a habit, an old programming, that you took on from your family, from your ancestors, that you’re not supposed to be angry; you’re supposed to always behave well, behave in a good, friendly, nice manner that everybody wants and expects you to be. But the reality is we, as Souls, come to Earth in this human body to experience the full spectrum of emotions. That’s why we chose Earth. So, when we come here, we take on this body, we experience happiness, we also experience sadness. We also experience anger, jealousy, unfairness, resentment. We experience everything.

And the Masters say it is important for us to honour our own emotions, acknowledge what we are feeling. That means when you’re angry, it is okay to say, “I’m angry. I want to share with you that this situation is making me feel upset. I feel uncomfortable.”. Sophie needs to acknowledge her emotions in order to release, in order to reconcile within her body. Because what happens now is there is a mind and body divide. Your body is suffering. It cannot take on all these anymore. It is tired. Don’t just put so much anger to me. I cannot take it. But the mind says, “Shut up. You’re not supposed to feel this way. You’re supposed to be quiet and obey and take it on.”. Because we cannot show our anger to others. It is not right. Because we have been brought up this way by our own family and even conditioned by society. Every time we show anger, what happens? Sometimes, we were caned. Sometimes, we were shouted at, “no, you’re not supposed to feel this”. So, what happens over the years, as you grow up, all this anger was stored inside.

Why are you sick now? It is many, many years of anger stored inside. Not just in the liver; but everywhere – in the spine, stomach, womb and knee. So, this anger needs to come out. You need to acknowledge your emotions. That’s why the Masters say the solution for you is to take baby steps. Start with talking. Find a loved one or a family member whom you trust, who will patiently sit beside you and listen to you. Share with them your childhood, your family, your work. Don’t dismiss your emotion, don’t share and say, “I shouldn’t be like that”. No, Sophie is entitled to feel everything you want to feel. You’re entitled to feel angry. So, for example, in the workplace, people who do less are rewarded more, you feel angry. So, you want to share that emotion that I did so much and I am not being seen, it is unfair. You want to say it out so that you don’t store it within yourself.

As you have more & more courage to acknowledge your emotions, the Masters say the next step for you then is to ask yourself, “What can I do to change or improve the situation?” Because they say the Sophie today is very different from Sophie as a young child. Last time, you were helpless, you had not much support, you feel alone, you feel you shouldn’t get into trouble. But now, they say, Sophie has so much more maturity & wisdom in life, that you can then stand up and protect yourself, speak up for yourself. Even just you know, telling the supervisors, the bosses, that I am feeling upset or uncomfortable because I feel that this situation is unfair. Can you explain to me why is it being done this way? Because they say that Sophie as a Soul, you have courage. They show me you’re like a lion as a Soul – you’re so strong, so brave, that all these are not obstacles to you. But then, what happens is that when you came to Earth, you took on this body, you took on what your family & society told you, then after that, the fear comes in – “I cannot be like that. I must be nice, friendly, obedient, compliant. I cannot show my anger. I cannot feel anger. I must always feel happy.”. But the Masters say no, these are all wrong. Anger is a valid emotion. It guides us to understand & acknowledge that there are some things that are not in a certain order that we prefer. That’s why we feel angry.

So, whenever we feel angry, the first step is always to acknowledge our emotions. The second step is, if we have problem acknowledging our emotions, find a loved one and talk to them, so that you don’t swallow it down and affect your health. Say it out. After you say it out, bless all these people. And the third step is to ask yourself, what can you do to improve the situation?

Sophie shared that her family members are having their own problems. If nobody is ready to hear her out patiently, what should she do? Very interesting question. The Masters are showing me that as you start, you may not identify this person yet. It doesn’t mean this person doesn’t exist. It just means maybe you haven’t realised you can share your problems with this person. The Masters are also showing me a plant or even a tree – they have energy & vibrations. Try sharing and connecting with them. There’s nothing wrong or embarrassing. The Masters are saying that all life forms in the Universe are God given. All life forms – plants, animals, insects, humans. All of these are gifts of God.

If you feel unsafe finding this family member, because right now maybe you haven’t found this one person, or because you just started your journey, you feel unsure if there’s anybody who will bother, or you feel you don’t want to bother them, it’s fine, then start with a plant. They are showing me you actually sit beside the plant and just talk. You don’t need to care what others are thinking. You just talk as if it’s a person.

The Masters are saying the whole idea is to start the healing process for yourself, because it’s never too late. Your body has taken on so much, taken a toll, until it has shown that it cannot take it anymore. That’s why you need all these surgeries. The body is telling you it cannot take it anymore, don’t keep taking on all these anger. So, you need to say it out, however you say it out. The Masters want you to say it out. If you feel you cannot find this person at this stage, then find a plant or animal, connect with it and just say.

Sophie asked if there’s any solution for her problem? The Masters are saying that’s the solution. Where you’re at now, they already see your situation, they want you to acknowledge your emotions, specifically your anger stored in your body. Give yourself a few months to go through this sharing. You need to say it out. In the bathroom, you can say it out. To the plant, you can say it out.

Sophie clarified, when her denser emotions have left her, does it mean she will be alright physically? They say not really. Why? Because your body has taken on so many decades of negative emotions that it has adversely affected the organs, various parts of the body. Therefore, when you work on the emotions, you are going to the root cause to start healing. But the body needs time to rewire itself. So, it means it is not something that is expedient, that means you can do it immediately and everything is solved. It is not like that. But you go to the root cause, it will relieve the pain for you. It will start reducing the pain. But for full recovery, it is not so simple. Because your body is in a mess now. It will take a long time. But in any case, you must acknowledge and heal your emotions. Because as you keep healing your emotions & reconciling them, you will come to a space where you feel comfortable in your own skin and you feel happier, no matter the condition of the body. So, after the session today, your body may be the same as today, but then your emotions are no longer the same. As you work on your emotions, you realise your body is just a temporary vessel to hold you. When you go, body goes. So, there’s no need to hold on or cling too tightly to this body. That’s when your mind is liberated from the suffering of your physical body.

And that is where they want to get you at. Then, it doesn’t really matter. It doesn’t matter that the liver, why is it not a normal person’s liver? Why is it always sick? It doesn’t matter because in your heart, you’re happy, you’ve come to peace. Anytime we go, we leave this Earth, we leave behind this body and we go. And most importantly, you will be at peace. It doesn’t matter all your questions. You will come to a point you realise your questions don’t matter. The questions you’re asking today, don’t matter. Because you’re peaceful within, you’re fine. Even one day, you come across maybe the people who passed away, they hurt you before, you were very angry with them and you see them again. No problem. Bless them. That’s it. You’re good. All is good.

Q4: In my day-to-day life, my promotions, my husband’s profession and my son’s studies, all improvements are very slow. Because we have been waiting for a very long time, I think there is some hindrance. How do we overcome that?

Masters are saying improvements are too slow because our expectations are too high. Questions specific to your husband or to your son won’t be answered, as it is not related to your Akashic Records. In your case, it is impatience that we need to work on. It is something we have taken on from our family as well. Because in this world that we live in, what we see or define as “material success”, a lot of us are programmed by our family to see in a certain way. To be successful in life, for example, husband must be promoted to a certain rank by certain age, compared to other people, it should be like that. Son, it should be like that. So, we have this benchmark in our head that it should be like that. But when all these things are not met, then we feel what is going on? Why is it like that? Shouldn’t it be faster? So, all these things as it pertains to you, it is something that the mind can work on, because we are tangled up. In your case, a lot of thoughts & expectations we have taken on from our family and society. That to be successful, it has to be this. Compared to others, we are a bit slower.

So, it is correct that we have taken on all this information. But then, what do we do with this information? Do we let all this information and these expectations tangle us up and make us feel unhappy? Or are we just going to learn to acknowledge that these are things that we have taken on from others, and still make peace with everything?

It is not easy, but it is a journey of life, that even in the midst of so-called suffering, that we can find peace within ourselves. Even if Sophie has undergone decades of unfair treatment, and anger taken on from others, Sophie is able to resolve that and find peace within herself. That she can reach a certain state of peace, where she looks at those people who hurt her in the eye, and she’s okay with that. She’s able to pray for them, bless them, and be at peace with them, and also be at peace with herself.

So, in this question, you can take some time to just let the information come through. That this is what I received, all these things tangled up in the brain. And therefore, it’s making us feel lack of freedom. We are trapped by all these things that we have taken on from others.

But they say that, in your case, your Soul is free. Before you came to this human body, they show me again an image of a lion – you were so courageous and brave as a Soul. And you were so free as a Soul – you could explore the world as you wanted. But because we came to this human body, we took on, or were conditioned by, what other people say. It forms this Earth version of Sophie that is not the Soul version of Sophie; that is not that free, courageous and brave Sophie that you originally were.

So, they want you to take a few months to work through your emotions, and then don’t forget how your Divine existence is supposed to be. You’re supposed to be so brave, so courageous and so free.

Q5: Any final messages for Sophie?

They acknowledge that you are making peace with yourself. They see your efforts, that you’re trying to resolve these issues, and you are very determined to do so to improve your health. But these things take a very long time. So, in the meantime, we have to be patient and gently work on ourselves, understand ourselves, and make this life a life worth living and worth remembering for your Soul. So, bless you, Sophie.

What we focused on for the healing segment?

Sophie wanted the healing to focus on her body pain in her right stomach and right knee. In her stomach, it is due to the liver problem which has a cyst.

We went through a simple meditation, where we called upon Sophie’s Angelic Team, Galactic Team, Higher Self and Guides to be with her, creating a safe space around her as she received the healing.

  • We ran the Akashic Light Clearings & Activations focusing primarily on the physical and emotional body, for the issues that arose during the session. These are energetic commands that assist the body to heal and shift as aligned to the recipient’s highest good.
  • The Masters showed that they released a lot of dense & discordant emotions that Sophie had taken on and carried in her spine. The Masters also dislodged some anger to others and to herself that Sophie had held on in her energy bodies, which had calcified or hardened in the physical body due to it being stored for decades. For sometimes, when we are angry with others, it also means we are angry with ourselves in a certain way. The Masters also excavated or removed some resentment that was stored in Sophie’s energy fields. These are very dark and dense energies that hurt her body and take a lot of space in her mind.
  • In addition, the Masters sent healing to Sophie’s liver, to start repairing some cells in the liver. The Masters also sent healing to Sophie’s arthritis issue, which affects her right knee. They sent a healing light to all of Sophie’s joints, knees, ankles, toes, arms, shoulders and back, as well as to ease the painful effects of inflammation in her body. The Masters also sent healing to Sophie’s nervous system, endocrine system and hormones, to restore balance.
  • The Masters surrounded Sophie to sweep her auric fields, taking away other people’s problems, and removing as much as possible, all programming and family conditioning that do not serve her highest good or are not in alignment with her Divine Soul. The Masters also patched all holes, rips and tears in her auric fields.
  • Finally, Sophie’s Team of loving Gods and Goddesses held hands and gathered around her, sending gold light of blessings to her, smiling at her. They see it as homecoming for Sophie, that their precious child is returning home to them, to re-connect with them.

Akashic Light Clearings & Activations:

Nervous System; Anger to Others; Anger to Self; Resentment; Release; Liver; Arthritis; Inflammation; Pain Relief; Endocrine System; Hormones in Balance.

With Love & Blessings,

Asha & Akashic Masters

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