Case Study 21 – Akashic Light Reading & Healing Session with Mr A

Overview of Session with Mr A

Q1Is there anything the Masters want to convey to him with respect to his health, or how he can take care of his routine and diet (being a vegetarian for 8 months)?
Q2What should he be doing for his mother? He didn’t spend much time bonding with her for the last 25 years, and she’s suffering from stomach pain for almost 40 years. Is there any step that he needs to take, to take care of his mother, particularly to do his duties? What should be his next step?
Q3Is there anything he can do for his mother’s health? She took some fasting method by prayers, so that he could be born as a male child, resulting in her suffering from this ulcer pain for 40 years for which nothing works.
Q4Is there anything more he can do for his father?
Q5How to handle his children as they grow up? Is there anything else he needs to change or stop? Mr A is concerned about the proper way to bring up his children, as it is new to him and he is exhausted, and he knows that whatever initiative he takes, will shape them & show them the path.
Q6Is there anything else the Masters wanted to say? Is there anything that he missed out at this moment, which is important for him?

Q1: Is there anything the Masters want to convey to him with respect to his health, or how he can take care of his routine and his diet (being a vegetarian for 8 months)?

It is important to keep up with your consistent routine for the diet and yoga.

Most importantly, for yoga, it takes almost like a daily practice. Similar to meditation, yoga is almost like a daily practice because every day, we accumulate stress in the course of our work, in our dealings with our family, loved ones, colleagues, friends. So, it is like accumulating rubbish every day which we need to clear. Physically, we take care of ourselves in terms of our health. And then, in terms of yoga, it is also a physical relief of all the stress & chronic tension that you take on in your back and hips. So, while they applaud you for your efforts to seek out the right yoga teachers, they encourage you to keep up with the good efforts. It is through a daily routine, or at least something light that you do every day. It may not be an hour if you cannot commit that kind of time, but sometimes a 15-minute stretch is better than nothing. With these daily efforts, it will then reduce your need for unnecessary worry. Small actions go a long way – that’s their message for you for your yoga practice.

Specifically for you, if you want to be a vegetarian, you need to pay attention to three nutrients in your body, to ensure sufficient supply. 1) Iron, 2) Vitamin B12, 3) Folic acid. For example, for Vitamin B12, you cannot get it through vegetarian food, as it is usually in meat. So, you have to get through supplements. Iron content – sometimes, unfortunately, for example, when cheese and spinach are mixed together, then iron absorption is inhibited by the calcium. So, sometimes vegetarians will need to take iron pills to supplement their diet. The third is folic acid, they say it relates to sustaining your cells, building new cells in your body, which you need. Try to take these food sources in addition to what you have already been doing.

Try to cut out junk food as much as possible, like those crackers that don’t give much nutritional value. When we restrict ourselves to a vegetarian diet, we have to ensure that we get all the nutritional sources that we can, so we don’t fall into nutritional deficiency. It is for the benefit of ourselves, and also, to convince our partners in time to come. For example, if we don’t have vitamin B12, over time, you feel very weak, then your wife may be concerned. They are saying that your wife is very loving, she has your best interests at heart, even if she has limited knowledge on the nutritional aspects or lifestyle because she isn’t a vegetarian herself. And she’s not acquainted or aware of all this knowledge. That said, respect her choices and know that she truly loves & cares for you, has your best interests & benefit at heart. That’s why she keeps reiterating, almost to the point of nagging, that you need to take more meat sources, or this isn’t sustainable for you. All these are valid concerns. To a certain extent, she depends on you, not just physically but also emotionally, she wants you to be happy & strong. Because when you’re happy & strong, she feeds off the positive emotions and feels likewise. So, to assuage her concerns, you have to be very aware and acquainted with what you are doing/eating, in terms of nutritional knowledge. If needed, pursue those ayurvedic diet courses, if any. Vegetarian diet is not something new or isolated; in fact, there’s a community doing it.

So, you need to access, in modern times, this ayurvedic knowledge. With this knowledge, then it becomes wisdom. For example, while respecting your wife’s choices, whenever she raised something that may suggest an insufficient knowledge, to gently point out to her not to worry, the issue is taken care of and what your action plan will be. As a whole, coupled with your regular yoga practice, your blood circulation will be good, and your skin will be radiant. So, it will become very obvious over time, that you’re in a very good position.

Q2: What should he be doing for his mother? He didn’t spend much time bonding with her for the last 25 years, and she’s suffering from stomach pain for almost 40 years. Is there any step that he needs to take, to take care of his mother, particularly to do his duties? What should be his next step?

As your mother is very sick, transport is not an easy option. So, it may be difficult to send her to this country to care for her, like you did for your father. Interestingly, they say you can consider teaching them how to set up a Zoom call and do a weekly call with her. She likes the face-to-face interaction with you. Preferably not Whatsapp call because the screen is very small, they can’t really see well. You can even buy a computer for them, if needed. If there’s any relatives nearby to teach them how to do the set-up, and how to log in to Zoom, you can fix a weekly appointment with her, just like how we are conversing here. When the heart is open & sincere to connect, there is no boundary and no physical distance. The fact that you’re overseas, it doesn’t mean you cannot connect heart-to-heart with her, because it is energetic connections & bonds that matter. It is this precious bond – never forget that your mother spent so much time holding you in her womb, then giving you this birth; through this birth, giving you this entire gift of life, and your whole experience immersing in both countries, which has enriched your life to the extent you’re so blessed.

Try to arrange at a fixed timing every week, say weekend one hour. It is something that she can look forward to every week. It doesn’t matter to us as much because we are so blessed, we are surrounded with all the technology, beautiful environment, things to look at, pleasures in life. But to her, it is everything. To her, it is the world, it means everything to see her precious son on Zoom, face-to-face, to connect heart-to-heart with her precious son. Masters are saying your mother is pining for her son.

Q3: Is there anything he can do for his mother’s health? She took some fasting method by prayers, so that he could be born as a male child, resulting in her suffering from this ulcer pain for 40 years for which nothing works.

Do not blame yourself over your mother’s sickness. It is not related to your birth, but it is related or attributed to her own negative karma in the past. We don’t need to see it as a very bad thing. But be thankful & grateful that these negative seeds are now ripening. Once she has been through it in this lifetime, she will never have to suffer through it again in the next lifetime. So, we see it as a gift and an opportunity for her to ripen the negative karma. It may be seen as suffering, but to her it is a form of blessing. Because she is in a very good environment to have experienced this negative karma.

To alleviate the mental suffering that she feels all alone & bored, one way they are showing me is by the seaside, there’s waves & beach, and she’s taking very gentle walks by the beach, with the sea waves blowing. That’s to allow her to connect with nature, to relieve that pent-up stress, boredom & frustration within her, like she feels very trapped in the physical suffering in her body. When she connects with nature, she’s able to relieve the pain. So, if possible, have someone accompany her, go out for walks in nature. They are showing specifically seaside, because water is an element to allow us to discharge the dense & negative emotions. Sometimes, we have a lot of unhappy emotions. With that, the suffering goes away when we are by the sea, just sitting there or walking around.

Mr A asked whether he can try taking her for a travel within the country, by the beach side, when he’s back? To which, it is received, yes, you can try and if it works for her, see if someone can execute that role on your behalf, as you may not be physically around all the time.

Q4: Is there anything more he can do for his father?

They say you are very filial, and your success is his success. He gains a lot of joy & pride by seeing you successful the way you are. So, just by being yourself, you are already sharing a lot to him indirectly.

To upgrade this relationship, you can share some of your wisdom with him, through your experiences. For example, in Zoom calls or face-to-face with him, you can always share with him your experiences at work, even your hardships & struggles. Sometimes, we try not to say the bad things because we don’t want our parents to worry. We don’t want them to be burdened by our burden. So, we try to keep quiet, we don’t want to tell them anything. But through this whole process, you have accrued so much wisdom in your experiences. Look at how far you have gone from your first job in this country to now, how you are. First job, you were struggling so much. Now, you’re slowly getting into a better space, you are aware & building your healthy boundaries. All little things like that – they are wisdom. We may not think much of them, but come to think of it, we went through so much to earn them. It is something that your father will be proud of that you share with him. Not just about promotion, salary, or working at this reputable company. But in reality, there are all the hardships. I’ve overcome some of them, I’m still learning some of them, and this is what I’ve learned. So, he will gain wisdom as a soul. Even at the age of 90+, it doesn’t matter, it is good wisdom for him.

Mr A thanked for the reminder. He was about to hide some things because they are all old, so he thought no more sharing (of bad things), just sharing happy moments. Is there anything else?

They say open heart & open mind conversations are much better than just conversations, where we portray this good side of us so they wouldn’t worry. This is very fake – everybody can see through it somehow. As your parents, they can sense somehow that my son doesn’t seem too happy, he doesn’t seem as fulfilled, or there are some challenges or struggles that he’s holding back. Somehow, he doesn’t want to tell us, even if we try to hint or probe a bit. It hurts them to a certain extent. Because they feel that their son doesn’t trust them to share this vulnerable side with them. When you share your vulnerable side, you’re showing to them, I trust you, parents, and you’re also open to them giving some wisdom back. Like son, you can do this, next time do this, or don’t worry you have my support. So, be vulnerable, be you. When we want them to trust us, we have to open our heart & be vulnerable. And then they know that this is very open & real. Through five minutes of being vulnerable, it is better than a whole lifetime of “pretense”, or rather, trying to package ourselves like how we package to the outside world. We don’t have to, because they are your blood parents.

Q5: How to handle his children as they grow up? Is there anything else he needs to change or stop? Mr A is concerned about the proper way to bring up his children, as it is new to him and he is exhausted, and he knows that whatever initiative he takes, will shape them & show them the path.

On you being very busy, try to find a suitable nanny to offload. It is an expense for you, but it is a worthwhile investment. Find a trustworthy nanny through word of mouth, through the colleagues that have been through fatherhood or parenthood. Right now, the newborn one is taxing for your wife to handle it all alone. With a nanny on standby, you have peace of mind when you work. Instead of thinking like: what if your wife is frail, what if she falls down, what if the kid falls down? All kinds of what-ifs. You’re essentially outsourcing that mental stress you have. And the best is you find someone trustworthy, dependable & affordable through word of mouth, through your colleagues, then that will really help you. There are those like for example, daytime, because nighttime is not so much of a worry for you as you will be around. But for daytime, especially weekdays, when you’re not around, you want someone to take care of the family. You don’t want your handphone to be there and your mind to worry – How is wife doing? How are the kids doing? Especially wife needs to take care of newborn, but then the other one also very young, what if he falls down? With a nanny, that will solve a lot of your problems. With someone taking care of your wife, you have peace of mind for your wife & kids.

For children, not to worry for them, not to worry so much about enrichment or tuition classes at this stage. It is like this preconceived notion in society that we don’t want our kids to lose out to others. For parents, we have the best interests at heart for the children. Whatever other families have, we want to provide for them because we don’t want them to lose out. Like they lose out on tuition, they lose out on this chance to learn piano, they lose out on this special class say arts class that everybody has it, therefore my children should have it. We think it is to their best benefit.

The Masters are saying the greatest gift that parents can give is the precious bonding time with the children. But of course, sometimes children can be naughty, they run around, then they make you so angry, you have to run around & pick up all their rubbish. But that is precious bonding time between parent & child that can never be replaced by money. When the child grows up, the child will forget about the enrichment or tuition classes, maybe it will even kill off their interest. For example, the child liked to play the guitar but since young, he was forced to learn to the extent he doesn’t feel the same interest again. Instead, when the child shows that keen interest, wants to play that instrument, you allow the child the freedom to play, whether or not the child wants to take tests or exams. That maximum freedom will really honor the child’s talents, interests & aptitude in life, whatever the child feels drawn to.

They reiterate the precious bonding time is most important. It is the quality, not the quantity. They understand that you have to work hard to feed your family, take care of them, give them a comfortable life. That’s your role that you’re discharging very well. They encourage you to find pockets of time nonetheless, even 15 mins, 30 mins, for yourself. Because when you are in a good space energetically, you can give more to them. Give more doesn’t mean give more money; but give more good energies, be that protective father that they look up to and respect. Not someone with a very bad mood, and all they remember is like my father yelled at me, wanted to cane me etc. Try to be in a good space yourself, e.g. find quiet time to meditate 30 mins; it is the quality of time that you spend with your children that matters, not the quantity.

For your kids, they really look up, and will look up, to you more & more each day, whether you know it or not. Because they see you as very strong, almost like sole breadwinner of the family. So strong & successful, it is almost someone that they want to emulate. So, continue to be yourself, find space & time for yourself to be energetically aligned & balanced, so that you can give your best self to them, rather than an exhausted self that has carried the whole world’s burden back. And then, all they remember is my dad is always yelling at me, my dad is this & that. No matter what they say, sometimes they may blurt out insensitive things, but know how important you are to them. You are the world to them, because you gave them this world. Without you, they will have nothing. Sometimes, people say money is not everything, but with money, you get a rooftop, you get nice clothes, you get nice meals, it is so important. And you as the father, you bring home the money, it is everything. And they see you successful, doing well in a country that is not your birth country, you are someone that they will respect & benchmark everyone else against in time to come, whether consciously or unconsciously. Because when kids grow up, the persons they interact the most is the parents. So, that will be the formative part of their life where they will have this image of the world. Next time whoever they meet, they will always try to emulate or even benchmark against their own parents.

So, try to respect your own role, and be the best version you can. Of course, we are not perfect, we may make mistakes, it’s normal. Sometimes, we get angry, frustrated, stressed, accidentally yelled out at them. They reiterate for you to be vulnerable, be it to your parents or your children. If in the heat of the moment, you accidentally yelled at them, and you reflected & realized that you could have done better, then be vulnerable, have the humility to go up & apologise to them as a father. It speaks so much. In traditional family, how will a father ever go & apologise to son? But you are different. You are a shining beacon of light to your family. Be the vulnerable you to your parents and children. When you commit what you feel & reflected is a mistake, have the courage to say, “I am sorry, I shouldn’t have done this, I yelled at you, I was in a bad mood etc”.

Q6: Is there anything else the Masters wanted to say? Is there anything that he missed out at this moment, which is important for him?

They say your health is very precious, take consistent efforts to maintain your health. Keep up with your daily practice, no matter what hurdles or external challenges may present to you. Because health is wealth. While you gain your wealth through your work income, your health is priceless. When you take care of your health, you save a lot of unnecessary worry & medical fees doing all kinds of check-ups, and also you don’t want any issues. For example, they reminded me the lumps in your body, they don’t want them to accumulate and become something chronic over time. It is like a gap period in the interim stage, when you can do something to help yourself. Don’t miss out on this golden timing.

Mr A clarified if he takes care of this, can he get rid of this? To which, it is received, yes, it may take years of effort but you already started.

What we focused on for the healing segment?

Mr A wanted healing to focus on the tiredness & exhaustion he was feeling.

We went through a simple, guided meditation in the Akashic Records to send light into Mr A’s energy bodies, washing away all stress & tension, flushing out all physical exhaustion.

Akashic Light Clearings & Activations:

Vitality, Circulatory System, Immune System, Lymphatic System, Meridian Flush, Nervous System, Kidneys, Worry No More, Release, Release Cords & Attachments, Cleanse the Aura.

Mr A’s testimonial & experience for this session  

Throughout the years, my parents and I never took advantage of the upgraded WIFI technology available in our town in India. We always relied on mobile data and experienced blurry faces during video calls. However, after receiving simple suggestions and hints from the masters to reconsider our approach to video calls, I set up a new WIFI connection at home a few days after the session, and our communication became filled with joy as we could now see each other’s faces clearly. I connected with my mother in India in a way we had never experienced before.

The masters provided clarification on why I shouldn’t feel guilty for my mother’s root cause and illness. Their guidance helped me completely release the burden of guilt.

Furthermore, they pointed out my tendency to yell as a father and advised me to change my ways, emphasizing the importance of spending quality time with my family.

As my health gradually improved, I developed a habit of indulging in junk food and snacks during tea time without considering the impact on my body. The Akashic masters brought this during the session as a warning, prompting me to reassess and modify my snacking habits. As a result, I am now actively seeking healthier alternatives and making an effort to make better choices during tea time.  

Thanks to Akashic masters for guiding and protecting me when needed as always.

And we extend our thanks and appreciation to Mr A for his testimonial and experience as well.

Much Love & Blessings,

Asha & Akashic Masters

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