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Asha, Akashic Records Reader, Podcaster & Blogger

Welcome to my website! 🧑

My name is Asha. I am an accredited Akashic Records Reader of the Akashic Light Academy, Singapore. I specialise in providing general and themed Akashic Light Reading & Healing Services to clients.

My Services are dedicated towards empowering my clients. By channelling messages of wisdom, clarity & healing from their Akashic Masters, I assist my clients to shift to a higher & lighter space within. 

My life has been completely transformed since the day I discovered the Akashic Records. I came to the Akashic Records when I was feeling very lost, confused & depressed about my life and all its associated problems. I struggled for decades with a closed heart due to my wounded inner child, which made it difficult for me to trust others easily, receive from others, or even feel my emotions. I was constantly over-extending myself to everyone around me, to the point of exhaustion. I was also battling with the frequent episodes of inflammation related to my autoimmune condition. Little did I know what awaited me when I stepped into the doors of the Akashic Records. Through accessing my Akashic Records and working with my Akashic Masters, I learned so much about myself. I have received, and am still receiving, so much wisdom, clarity & healing every day. Every day is akin to a miracle unfolding for me. Slowly but surely, my heart opened, my emotional wounds started to heal, and my physical body started learning how to work with me in harmony once more. Above all, the most amazing & unexpected gift was that my intuitive channel and psychic abilities opened up, thereby allowing me to discover my life’s path walking in the Akashic Records. Having experienced firsthand the immense benefits of the Akashic Records, it is my utmost honour to work with you in your Akashic Records, to assist you to discover the infinite wisdom & healing within. 🌞

I have a series of Podcast focusing on “Demystifying the Akashic Records”. In this space, I answer frequently asked questions relating to the Akashic Records, and explore topics relating to spirituality, as well as practical application, learnings & reflections in the Akashic Records. Feel free to check it out! πŸ˜‰

I have specially created a series of guided meditations in the Akashic Records, after years of experiencing the amazing benefits of such meditations. You may check out the free meditations in my Podcast, as well as the downloadable paid meditations in my website. 🧑

I am also an avid Akashic Records Blogger. I have been blogging regularly on my dialogues & reflections with my Akashic Masters. The process of blogging provides me with a precious opportunity to learn, grow & evolve in my lifelong journey towards self-mastery. In this special space, I share with you my fears, struggles & issues bothering me deeply, and seek to gain practical insights & guidance from the Akashic Masters. I also share with you my reflections on the lessons learned thus far. I hope that the blog posts will similarly benefit you on your soul’s journey. πŸ™ŒπŸ»Β 

Follow me on Instagram here for daily nuggets of inspiration, mindfulness and self-reflection.

I am currently based in Singapore. All my sessions are offered online. I am proficient in English & Mandarin.

With much love, Asha 🌹

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My Podcast – Demystifying the Akashic Records

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